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How to Hire a Wedding Karaoke DJ

If you plan to have the semi-formal wedding with the casual feel, consider replacing the traditional wedding band with the karaoke DJ. This way you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable and fun wedding reception since they are more likely to work up the crowd.

As there are a lot of people who like to sing karaoke, you will probably make a hit with your striking idea. Karaoke DJs specialize on blending the regular songs with the sing-along ones. So, when guests are not ready to sing, you will be still able to dance songs.

Hiring a karaoke DJ

Start looking for the DJs in your area a half a year to three months prior your wedding day. Visit their websites, which can give you information about their services, including the karaoke service.
Pick about three to five karaoke DJs that suit you best. Figure how much they charge and make sure they can do karaoke. Ensure they are experienced in the karaoke DJing. Ask whether they are available on your wedding date and schedule the meeting with the ones that you liked the most.
During the meeting, don’t forget to discuss with the DJ the range of services he provides. You may answer the following questions: what songs he will play in between the karaoke songs? How big is the size of his song library? Whether he interacts with the wedding guests? Whether he has a screen for displaying the words of the songs? Can he provide the songs for a group sing-along?wedding-dj-karaoke-reception-dance
Don’t forget to give the DJ the list of songs you would like him to play at your wedding beforehand so that he would have enough time for adding them to his library.

Another thing to consider is providing the DJ with the list of songs that he should avoid. Simply explain him what types of songs are the absolute taboo on your wedding. This list should be handed to the DJ prior your big day.wedding-dj-karaoke-reception-dance

Tips on hiring the karaoke DJ

Ask couples that had a karaoke DJ on their wedding reception for the recommendations.

Thoroughly examine the contract prior to signing it. Don’t forget to mention in the contract the duration of his work, breaks and the fees for extra time.wedding-dance-karaoke-dj

Most of the times the guests are too shy to sing first, so sing first in order to encourage others. Consider singing in the duet with your spouse- it will add a romantic vibe to the reception.

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