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How To Combine Valentine’s Day & Your Wedding

Valentine's Day & Wedding Reception
Valentine’s Day & Wedding Reception
The most important holiday for all the loving and happy couple will hit the road much sooner than you can imagine. In just a few weeks the air will be full of anticipation and shared laughter, while the streets will be filled up with red and pink balloons, plenty of heart-shaped figures and valentine cards. In case you are planning to merge this wonderful holiday with the biggest ceremony in your life, you have to consider all the details ahead and in a very careful way. Otherwise, you might be at risk of having both celebrations spoiled and all the efforts gone in vain. Hence, it makes sense to enlighten yourself a bit before you start the preparation process.

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The most important step to take is to make sure that all your relatives and closest friends will be available on this day. Different couple prefer to spend this holiday in a different way: some tend to come up with exciting ideas and surprises trying to prevent a boring evening, while others, on the contrary, opt for a cozy and calm day. Therefore, you need to inform your guests ahead regarding the time and venue of your wedding. This way everyone will get accommodated and no grandiose holiday plans will suffer. To do so, you have got to come up with some creative and very Valentine invitation cards that will bolster the anxiety and interest of the invited individuals.

Next, it is important to decide on the venue. Since a lot of places will offer thematic parties this night, it is worth to book a certain location ahead of time. Be it a huge restaurant or a smaller hall in a local cafe, make sure you dedicate enough attention to the decor part. And here you won’t even have to torture your mind – everything is already set up for you. One would assume that lots of red and pink embellishment, balloons with slogans, rose petals, romantic candles as well as heart-shaped utensils, napkins or even dishes will do good.

There are absolutely no limits or rules in terms of food or beverages: here you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with. However, there is one point to consider. It will be very cool if you provide the guests with some Valentine candies and cookies or any other sort of beverages that will strengthen the presence of this lovely holiday.

It would be nice if your cake also reflected the mood and spirit of the Valentine’s Day. I doubt that such a task will be hard to accomplish taking into account the numerous and quite talented cake-shops functioning today. So let your mind draw whatever image you are satisfied with, as there is absolutely nothing impossible in a cake design.

One of the trickiest elements to take into consideration is what to wear. This eternal question seems to never lose and actuality. And here I am not so much concerned with the marrying couple. Any wedding gown that matches your childhood (and adolescence) dreams will fit in a perfect way. As for the styling, you can easily opt for a pair of red shoes (which might not even be spotted under the multiple layer of organza skirts), bright jewelry pieces or simply a red rose as a hair embellishment. It will be more than enough if the groom wears a bow tie or a buttonhole in red. What actually matters more here has to with the outfits of your guests. If you decorating the inside of your venue in red or pink shades, it makes no sense to dictate a dress-code in matching colors. On the other hand, it would be really nice if at least your bridesmaids could show up in these vibrant hues. So here you can either restrain from any kind of dress-code prescriptions and let the attendees of your ceremony dress up as they want or else exclude red and pink from the list of “permitted” colors. The latter option will create a very beautiful and viable effect, so it is worth trying it out.

Last but not least, work hard on the entertainment part of your event. There are a large number of fun and exciting games and contests that all can be incorporated into your show program. Make sure you hire a qualified and proficient show man as well as dance and music bands to make your wedding ceremony more memorable and engaging. Besides, both Valentine’s Day and wedding reception are excellent dates to start new relationship. So in case you have single friends of opposite sex, you can give them another reason to fall in love with your wonderful wedding!

Above were some useful tips for you to throw up a Valentine Wedding. It is never late to change the style of your reception, so go ahead and arrange the most lovable day in your life!

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