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Guide on Wedding Reception Lighting

Majority of couples think that lighting on the wedding reception supposes simple switching on the light. But if you looking for stepping outside the border and breaking the general standards, you will need to bring into play the additional illuminating to your décor and make your wedding decorations look stunning.

Lighting is the main element in creating the mood, especially when it is performed well. The right lighting can make the entire area look better starting from the flower arrangements to the bride. So, here are some ways to come up with a nice lighting.

Wedding reception lighting

Hire lighting designer
First, try to find a specialist in wedding lighting with good references. Some event designer or florists provide with the lighting service as well. If not, they might know someone who can help you with that. Another way is asking the reception coordinator for the contacts of the lighting companies that worked there before and see the various ways of lighting. Usually, lighting designers can boast the theater background, since the similar technologies are used in both cases.

Wedding Reception LightingEvaluate the site
It is necessary to visit the site in the dark time in order to see what kind of lighting is available. Take a thorough look at the room and notice on which areas the lighting is focused. As a rule, lights that are directed on the walls, ceiling and windows take people’s attention from the center, which is not desirable since you want everybody to be focused on the center including the dance floor and bride and groom’s table. Ask to turn off the florescent lighting on your wedding day, if there are any.Wedding Reception Lighting

In case you are having the wedding at home, ask the lighting designer how much electricity will be needed. Take into consideration the musicians with their equipment since you don’t want everything to ruin by blowing a fuse. In case it won’t be enough of power, you can bring along the generator.

Lighting jargon
These are mostly used types of wedding lighting.
Pin spot– single ray of light that shines right on the object. Often used to focus attention on the newlyweds, cake etc.Wedding Reception Lighting

Color wash– the mix of multicolor light that covers certain area.

Gobos– this method is used for projecting certain designs or patterns by putting the round stencils over the light.

Led– this type of lighting is ideal for often colors changing. Besides, it requires less electricity comparing to other types of lighting.

Wedding Reception LightingUtilize colors
Don’t stick only to the color theme when using the colored lighting. If you decided to make the green your main wedding color, try to avoid using it in lightning as it could be just too much. Besides, green doesn’t make people look attractive. The shades of fuchsia and rose guarantee the flattering appearances of your guests.

Wedding Reception Lighting

Use the benefits of the effect different colors have on the overall mood by switching different hues during the night.

Outdoor lightning
Lighting is essential for an outdoor wedding and holds not only the decorative function, but also the practical one. If the location has a lot of uneven surfaces, you will definitely need the use the additional lightning like luminarias or paper lanterns.

Wedding Reception LightingMoreover, you might consider making the statement with the lighting by creating the modern art objects using the right lightning such as rows of columns. Another way to vivify your wedding reception decorations is adding the small lights to each centerpiece, what will bring the glowing feel to your wedding arrangements.

Right lighting
Design of your site is the key factor in choosing certain lighting techniques. In case the dinner and the dance area are in the same room, apply the lighting in separating the two areas. The site with the extensive ceilings requires the pin spot lighting in order to keep people concentrated on particular details.

Wedding Reception Lighting


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