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Guide on the Ultimate Home Wedding Reception

weddings-homeThere are numerous ways to make a special wedding celebration depending on the guests you plan to invite to the small elements like the customized cake decorations that symbolize your couple or the wedding speeches with the hilarious jokes. But the wedding reception venue is probably the key choice that adds the special character and feel to your wedding day.

Renewed barns, hotels, restaurants, museums or even the wineries set the mood and the overall style of your wedding. There could be nothing more private than the home wedding reception. Learn the key secrets of celebrating the wedding in the martial home.

Guide on the ultimate home wedding reception

Decide on the place
Holding the wedding reception is a great challenge, thus make sure the house you pick will accommodate all of the guests. In case your own house cannot boast the large size or you still didn’t move in together, think about other options: parents’ house with a big garden, family member’s house or even your friends’ home.
Calculate the space
Decide on the number of people you plan to invite and then think about the space allocation. In case you are inviting a lot of guests, use the garden for holding the reception. Keep in mind that couple rows of long rectangular tables will fit more people than the round ones. Also remember that the small interim marquees could be installed without the permission.
DIY or catering companies
DIY wedding reception decorating, stationery and even catering get more and more popular among the contemporary couples, but you will require a lot of helping hands in order to make everything by yourselves.
Set the luck tables and have each guest bring the dish. This way you will save the significant sum of money and add the warm feel to the wedding celebration. The only problem is cleaning after the guests leave.
It would be nice hiring the professional caterers that will provide the tableware, flatware and table cloths, but the most important aspect- they will remove all of that once the celebration ends. This will deliver your mother from extra responsibilities and risk of missing out the daughter’s wedding.

Venue decorating
Why I like the home wedding celebrations is because it is a unique chance to demonstrate your origins and who you and your partner are. Try to include in your wedding bouquet the flowers that grow in your garden. This way you will incorporate your garden into the overall wedding theme. Moreover, they will last much longer than the cut flowers in the ordinary arrangements. Another way is using the around the house décor as an inspiration for the wedding table decorations.


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