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Great Ideas of Wedding Place Cards

Formal and big wedding celebrations should be accompanied by the order to make sure everything goes smooth. One of the ways to avoid confusing during the wedding reception is having the seating chart or the simple place cards. The place cards will work great if you belong to that type of couples that like to change their plans in the very last moment. Moreover, themed wedding place cards can serve as perfect decorative elements of your wedding tables.

Wedding place cards ideas

Edible place cards
It will work great combining the edible wedding favor and the place card. Consider using big lollipops with each guest’s name written on it. Another option are candy-coated chocolates in the wedding-theme hues. Health-conscious couples will love the idea of using the dried fruits.
Natural place cards
Even if you don’t plan having the rustic wedding, it is still possible using the natural place cards. Simply place the blooms at each seating with the attached place card. Another way is having the cutout birds, flowers or butterflies from colored paper.
Themed place cards
Regardless your wedding theme, consider strengthening it by using the themed place cards. In case you plan the original wedding in the vineyard, consider using the wine bottle corks as place cards, whilst the beach wedding could be complemented with shell-shaped place cards. Even if you don’t have the specific wedding theme, still try to use the place cards in accordance with the key wedding colors.
Original table names
Replace the habitual numbers for reception tables marking with the original names in the common theme. For example, that could be the places where you travelled along with your fiancé. As for the place cards, it would be great using the postcards for seating places marking.


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