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Budget-Friendly Wedding Locations

The bride and groom on the limited budget could be shocked with the with the current prices on the location rental prices and catering charges among the popular wedding locations. In case you don’t want to spend that much on the wedding location, we prepared the list of possible inexpensive wedding locations.

Cheap wedding locations


Find the restaurant that would be big enough to fit all of your guests and ask how much it would charge for renting either the private room or the whole area. Also it would be nice opting for the restaurant with the nice back garden where the ceremony and dancing can take place.


This alternative will work best if you plan your wedding on the non-high-demand day since the restaurant can find it unprofitable holding the small wedding reception instead of the Saturday night crowd.


Majority of city parks let couples spend their weddings for a minimum fee. It would be nice if the park has the covered patios as well as the pretty decoration elements like fountains, fretted benches and grassy picnic zones.


Choosing the theatre as a reception area might sound ridiculous at first, but they can really add the magical twist to your wedding reception. Moreover, some theatres offer such a rental opportunity, especially those out-of-date movie theatres that are distinguished with that unique charm and interesting design. Don’t you want to feel like a star when getting married on the stage?



Colleges usually have the neat chapels and nice alumni houses, which are inexpensive for holding the on campus weddings for alumni and a bit more expensive for non-alumni.

College-wedding-receptionOriginal places

You can opt for whatever location you want based on your fantasy: roller coaster, wine cellar, old factory etc. This way you will add your own personality to the celebration and can save on the rental expenses.



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  1. hector

    hi my name is hector, me and my fiancé are looking for simple but tasteful place to have our wedding.. were hopping with something green, in a house even..I like the pics you have posted here, but where are they?
    please reply thank u.

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