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Basics of Wedding Catering

Coming up with the wedding menu is an important part of the wedding planning process. Keep in mind that food and beverage take up the major part of the wedding budget that’s why you have to seriously evaluate the menu. In case you want to serve the original dishes, you should consider the numerous details. So, let’s familiarize with the wedding catering basics.

Tips on wedding catering

Set the tone
Compose the wedding menu depending on the overall theme and style of wedding reception since both the food and service will become the foundation for the atmosphere of the reception.
Take your guests into consideration
Before you come up with the catering menu in accordance with your own taste, keep in mind that your guests shouldn’t leave your celebration being hungry. Consider some of the guests’ allergies or nourishment habits like vegetarianism. Even in case you and your fiancé want to add the exotic dish to the menu, try to dilute it with the standard food since not everyone likes the spicy Korean food.
Be original
Don’t try to follow the general order which supposes 5-course beef mold. Use the wedding menu planning as another chance to have some fun time before getting officially married. It would be nice to introduce your guests the dishes they have never tried before. So, think about quality rather than about quantity. Delicious and original food is much better than the profusion of ordinary dishes.
Presentation has not less significance than the taste, so look for the innovative ways of presenting the wedding dishes.
Consider the budget
Keep in mind that you will probably spend as much as 50% of your wedding budget on catering, which is the biggest item of expenses in wedding planning. That’s why you should treat it very seriously, be careful while composing the wedding menu.

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  1. Tex Hooper

    I like what you said about looking at menus to make sure that allergies are not an issue. I need to get a caterer for my sister. She is having a wedding and will have 200 people in attendance.

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