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Advantages of the Outdoor Wedding Reception

In case you are looking for the striking wedding decorations but have the limited budget, consider setting the outdoor wedding reception in places like parks, gardens and beaches. In fact the nature is a great source of the beautiful decorations for your wedding, moreover you are often not limited in the space. Don’t fail to benefit from the natural beauty of the outdoor wedding venues to have a one of a kind wedding reception.

Advantages of the outdoor wedding receptions

First of all visit the site for the few times at the different time of the day if possible. Study the disposition of the area where you plan to hold the reception. Take into consideration and mark on your plan the features like buildings, trees, fountains, walkways and other distinguishing things. Note from which side the winds are blowing and in which direction, besides take into account where the sunrays are strongest.
Set the time of the outdoor wedding reception. In case you are having the outdoor wedding in the place without any shade, set the ceremony for the early morning or evening. This way you will be able to benefit from the wonderful sunset or the evening sea breeze.
Take out the most of the natural or human made features. Set the table around the fountain, while placing the wedding cake in gazebo. Consider using the pergola as a wedding arch. Use the bushes and trees as the wedding decorations by embellishing them with the twinkling lights or ribbons.
Benefit from the striking view. Set the guest tables, the main table and the buffet the way that will allow you to take advantage from the beautiful scenery. Moreover, you may make the scenery your main source of inspiration for the wedding theme. For instance, in case the venue provides the view of night city, consider introducing it into your wedding reception by using the twinkling lights and centerpieces in the shape of the skyscrapers.

Tips on setting the outdoor wedding reception

Take the photos of the venue from the different angles and at the distinct time of the day. Later on you will need these pictures for scheduling your wedding, setting the decorations and tables and chairs arrangement.
Weather is one of the key aspects in setting the outdoor wedding. In case the weather forecast promises the rain or breeze, make sure to the emergency plan.

5 Responses to “Advantages of the Outdoor Wedding Reception”
  1. Jasper Whiteside

    In the morning or in the evening will also result in the best pictures. I agree with the article that it would be the best time to keep guests cool in an area without shade. One of the biggest reasons I put work into my wedding reception was that I wanted to have lots of pictures so that I could remember the night.

  2. Trayson Evans

    I like that an outdoor wedding would provide a lot of space to explore. Let’s say for example you were to meet someone at the reception and wanted to get to know them a little. It would not be hard at all to find somewhere to take a walk with them.

  3. Curtis Butler

    I found it helpful when you talked about how you should consider having your outdoor wedding in the evening if there is not a sufficient amount of shade nearby. My cousin is interested in finding an outdoor venue for his wedding since his fiance wants their wedding pictures to be taken under natural lighting, but he is worried that wearing a suit in the summer may be uncomfortable. Maybe they should consider what time they should have their outdoor wedding.

  4. Fred Gibbons

    Thank you for pointing out that using an outdoor wedding venue allows you to get married in a beautiful environment. I want my daughter’s wedding to be beautiful, so I’m considering having it at an outdoor venue. I’m going to look for a good outdoor wedding venue in the area that we can use.

  5. Eli Richardson

    It’s awesome that you talked about outdoor weddings and how to plan one. A few weeks ago, I asked my girlfriend to be my wife, and she said yes! We’re very excited to start planning the wedding, and we just loved the idea of having it outdoors, so we’ll be sure to look into it. Thanks for the tips on how to decorate an outdoor wedding.

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