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How to Choose the Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations
As we all know, brides are the ones that want their wedding to go smoothly starting from the way she looks and ending with the small details like the shape of candles on the tables. Choosing of wedding decorations is also the priority element on the bridal check list. We all want our wedding to be unique and special in order to stay in people hearts and memories as long as possible and the décor is something that can personalize your wedding venue and reception and add it a touch of your individuality.

The process of choosing the decorations for the wedding will be simpler with our step-by-step guide.
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How to choose the right decorations for the wedding

First of all choose the style or a theme of your wedding and based on that decide what decorations you want to have. Your wedding dress can serve as a starting point for coming up with the main theme. For instance, if you opted for the pompous princess white dress, you will probably need more wedding decorations with the abundance of fabrics and flowers.

Come up with the color scheme in order to compile everything together. Remember, such elements as flowers, linens, bridesmaid dresses, cakes and flowers have to look all-in-one-piece even if their colors will be slightly differ. Also, there should be one accent colors around which you will be “building” your color scheme.
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Consider the time of the year when your wedding is taking place. Besides, the time of the day also matters. For instance, the wedding that is planned for the evening in the winter requires darker shades, extra candles and colors in subdued shades, whilst the light bright colors will better suit the summer afternoon wedding.

Take into account your location. The indoor ceremony may require candles, flower and pew decorations. For decorating the outdoor one could be used the arbors, paper lanterns, plants and aisle runners. Examine the territory and make your decision based on the surrounding.

Rent the decorations from the special stores. The ideal way to economize money is renting the implements like the tables, chairs, linens and even table decorations. Quite often the venue provide with such things for the additional payment.
Make the plan. Create the map of your wedding area and mark the areas you plan to decorate. Alter, pews, gift and cake tables, bathrooms, guestbook table, food and guest tables, chairs, walls, doors, ceiling and floors- these places may need some decoration in order to add the color or conceal the architectural flaws.

Tips for wedding decorations

– Get the guest favors that are similar to the table decorations. These could be neat boxes, potted plants, wine glasses and other things that fit the theme and style.

– Search the internet for the inspiration. Internet is full of various photo galleries and contact information of wedding planers, shops etc.

– Go professional. It is better to hide the planner to help you with the decorations. They often have business ties with the wholesalers that can provide you with the great deal.

Things to avoid in wedding decorations

– Don’t go over the budget. Sure, decorations able to tie everything together but it is also very pricey. Keep in mind that nearly 10-15% of your wedding budget will be spend on flowers and decorations.

– Decide whether you may make the decorations yourself, this way you will save a lot of money. You may gather your family members, friend and bridesmaids at the craft party for creating the invitations, place cards, favors and centerpieces to exhibit your personal touch.
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