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5 Wedding Reception Food Ideas For Budget Wedding

Wedding menu takes a lot of planning anad money. You don’t want your guests let go hungry but you have also other stuff to pay for, right? Well, here is how to cut your wedding menu bill and still have a good dinner to serve your guests.

Wedding Food On Budget

Family Style Restaurant

Instead of ordering just a plate of a certain dish family style restaurants serve a platter, which is passed around the table much like people are usually doing at home. It’s definitely cheaper and makes for a nice bonding atmosphere.

Self-Serving Dinner

A buffet, food stations, or a simple snack bar is a nice modern way to feed your guests and save on a plated dinner. You could make your own buffet with pies, appetizers, and sweets like many modern couples do. Or you could only serve snacks and appetizers if your wedding reception is short. Self-service is a great money-saver.

Fast Food Bar

Fast food may be not classy and not an ideal food for the reception dinner but it’s a perfectly fine option for a buffet, an afterparty, or a daytime wedding. Offer your guests an assortment of foods. You could even make some additional snacks to accompany each of them like French fries goes with the burger. For instance, a bowl of olives to go with pizza and a salad or dipping and chips to accompany tacos.

Cake Alternative

Not everybody likes cake (I know, it’s crazy), so there’s no reason to spend more than you need to on it. Order a sheet cake or go with a cheaper alternative altogether. Sweets bar is a great option for a short daytime reception.

Cook Yourself

Finally, if you love cooking and want to really treat your guests, have a few people in your family help you with dinner. You can also come up with the menu and have your family cook. This is a great way to utilize talent within the family, bond, and let others help, especially if they offer it. Always ask for prices on everything. You might find cheaper alternatives that will work for you and consider making at least a part of the menu yourself if you can. For instance, bringing your own liquor is always a budget-saving solution.


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