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5 Wedding Catering Options to Amaze Your Guests

wedding-food-truckNowadays the boring formal way of serving your guests during the wedding reception tends to be replaced by the more casual way. We bring you the amazing options of wedding catering to consider for your wedding celebrations, which are still unique and not hackneyed. Believe me you will be able to impress your guests using our catering options and be sure that they haven’t been done for the numerous times beforehand.

These five ideas is the nice way to transform the usual wedding celebration into the original and attention-grabbing event. At the end not only your guests will appreciate your creative approach to wedding catering, but also your stomach and wallet.

Ideas of original wedding catering

Food trucks
You can surprise your guests by using the food trucks as the wedding caterers. This will not only help to boost the local businesses, but also trill your guest with the unique approach to catering. Simply replace the buffet or the sit-down dinner with the food truck. Besides you may hire the food truck just for the few hours during the reception in order to serve the late night snacks. Another big advantage of using the food trucks- the budget-friendly cost.
Bowl food
Bowl food is considerably lighter than a buffet but at the same time more nourishing than canapés. Moreover, it provides guests with the wider range to choose from. Food is served in little ceramic pans with cutlery and is supposed to be consumed while standing or moving.
Picnic is an ideal option for the outdoor wedding celebration. Place pleated baskets throughout the reception place filled with distinct food like carrots, dips, various types of cheese, grapes, bread and tasty wine. Set the bar for the guests where they can pick up their favorite cocktails, while playing the croquet on the grass. Make sure to provide the blankets for the guests that want to lie on lawn.
Consider hiring your favorite barbeque restaurant as a wedding caterer. It is not obligatory to have the west-themed wedding reception with the corresponding attributes like cowboy hats and jeans. Just think about this, you will serve the guests’ favorite beef brisket, baby back ribs complemented with the baked potatoes or sweet potato fries. Moreover, your younger guests will appreciate this option.
Breakfast for dinner
If you want to throw the brunch instead of the habitual dinner, go for it. It is ok to serve breakfast instead of the dinner. Consider styling the breakfast in the distinct themes like the country-styled wedding. You may serve sausages and egg casserole, toasts along with bacon and donuts for desert. Make sure to provide the mimosas and bloody marys to brighten everything up.

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