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5 Hilarious Wedding Day Ideas

Welcome-Bags-For-Wedding-GuestsPlanning the wedding is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are going to invite a lot of guests. In this case you hands will probably be full and you may be forgetting about the most important thing about your big day- having fun and enjoying the moment.

That’s why we came up with the 5 fun wedding day ideas that will guarantee you and your guests the smiles and laughs during your special day.

Fun wedding day ideas

Welcome bags
They are destined for your out-of-town guests that went the long way to make it to your wedding day. Why not to cheer them up after the long travel with the neat welcome bag.
In case the major part of the guests are going to stay at the same hotel, have the front desk agent provide them with the welcome bags at the moment they check in. These bags may include a range of items like bottles of wine, candies, delicacies, voucher for free breakfast and directions for the ceremony.

If you want to add the romantic and nostalgic feel to your wedding celebration, consider renting the old fashioned photobooth. Nowadays there is a great variety of photobooth renting options so you will easily find the perfect one. This way your guests will have the nice souvenirs from your wedding, which will remind them about your big day.
You have probably noticed that music is a key element of the fun wedding reception. Thus it is essential to make the research on bands and dj’s and finding the one that will suit your taste. Besides, come up with the detailed playlist for the musicians. Don’t try to stint on the music since it is a sure way to the fun and inflammatory reception with dancing guests.
Open bar
Not every couple can afford having an open bar, but you can still treat your guests with the special cocktail as they walk into the reception. It will allow loosening things up and creating the laid back atmosphere.
In case you still want to have an open bar, one of the ways to skimp is letting the guests enjoy the cocktails of their choice, but with the particular liquor.

If you really want to make a splash on your wedding day, you may give your guests the list of songs that they can perform at some moment during your wedding reception. Don’t forget to provide them with the disposable cameras so that they could capture the hilarious moments.

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