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3 Appetizers Your Guests Won’t Forget

Appetizers are obviously not the main course but they can be a nice start of the evening presented with a signature drink and made at home to cut the bill from a caterer. Be bold but watch your budget to make sure you don’t take away from dinner.

Unusual Wedding Appetizers

Salmon and kiwi

Idea from KoekiesEnCream blog

Biscuits with salmon and kiwi

Biscuits with salmon and cream cheese or salmon and kiwi might be fancy, but if you can afford it your guests surely won’t forget it. Refreshing kiwi will add an exquisite touch to a familiar appetizer, while the cream cheese variation will open an option for the less adventurous. Adding a few berries of red caviar wouldn’t hurt.

Figs wrapped in prosciutto

Figs wrapped in prosciutto

Figs and prosciutto are a familiar combination favored by gourmets but if figs aren’t available or affordable in your area you can go with papaya or melon. You can go further and make a melon or papaya smoothie topped with prosciutto.

Cheese cake

Wedding Cheese Cake

Wedding cake made of your favorite assorted stacked cheeses is now a popular thing for wedding receptions. You can serve it with fruit, wine, and crakers and make a cupcake cake instead for dessert or simply have a wine and cheese bar with a small sweets bar instead of dinner.


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