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Throw Up A Pizza-Wedding Party

Pizza cake
Have you ever thought of serving something other than a wedding cake? Of course, there are a lot of options one can choose today – from lovely cupcakes to some more elaborate pastry pieces. Yet, it sounds quite boring and predictable. If you have a goal to surprise your guests with some unconventional treat, then you have to opt for a pizza cake. Yes, you understood me correctly – no biscuits or layers of chocolate with vanilla cream. Only crispy crust, good portion of Mozzarella and some seasonal stuffing. Actually, here you can give a push to your imagination and come up with any pizza that you want. it can be both one of the already existing ones or a totally new one – cooked according to your brilliant receipt. Below are some examples of how to style your wedding pizza. Take a look and get divine inspiration from the Italian most famous dish.

4 Pizza Wedding Cakes To Blow Your Mind

Number one looks like a classic three-story wedding cake that used to overwhelm everyone a couple of decades ago. Today you won’t really surprise anyone with a similar sweet piece. Quite the contrary, people on trend try to step away from this multi-layered tendency and rather go for more elegant and exquisite treats. In this case, however, the shape and concept are both kept. It is the content that is replaced. Drastically, I would say. Such a pizza will definitely speak to all of your wedding’s attendees as it looks very unique. I am sure there will be a whole bunch of images uploaded on Instagram, with this dish on the front line. People do like creative and bold things, so why not to let them have another bite on it?

A different yet also quite engaging option is this couple of heart-shaped pizzas. This yummy piece looks incredibly delicious and I can already feel my stomach agreeing on it. I am sure that the guests would love to have such a piece each. It might be more reasonable to make the ones for your audience a bit smaller – however, your pair must stay the same. I would also add some decoration around the pizza piece, otherwise the tray looks pretty decent.

Another way to style your pizza cake is to try to duplicate your happy faces on your pizzas. If you managed to do the same thing for all of the guests, it would be perfect. I bet no one would ever forget such a treat! Here it is very important to find a person capable of putting a similar pattern into life. Of course, it does not necessarily have to be your faces – as long as the image is relevant, it will work.

And finally, why do you need to get yourself busy with all these lovely but very time-consuming arrangements, if the easiest way would be to order a regular pizza with some decorations on it. Yet, it does not sound that complicated – so if you are not a big fan of these perfect but brain-explosive preparations, vote for this choice. It looks very cool indeed and I am very positive that it’s taste is around the same.

These were the most gorgeous pizza cakes that I have ever seen. To be honest, I have seen none before I checked the images above. Well, the humanity does not get stuck all in one place. We develop and so do our ideas. 


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