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Mother’s Wedding Tasks

Mothers are the ones who carry the roles of the rescuers on the wedding of their children. Sure, they are unlikely paying for the entire wedding ceremony, but nowadays they are involved with other ways of helping their children in organizing the best wedding day.

Mother’s responsibilities on wedding

Help with network connections. You will be surprised to find out that moms do have a lot of connections through the work community, friends and volunteering starting from the floral shop owners to the jewelry store workers, who can provide you with the discount. Or, otherwise, she might have the contacts of those people who can guide you to the best wedding pros in your community.
Help with guest list composing. Mother can actually guide you in the complicated thicket of your family relations and will prevent you from inviting your cousin along with her husband in case they got divorced couple years ago. Besides, who else would know how to spell your relatives names correctly and their current addresses.

Mom’s perfect taste. The nice way to have your mother involved is involving her in the wedding planning process like choosing flowers for arrangements, picking the menu, choosing the cake and of course the wedding dress. Mother’s living experience could be more beneficial than you think of it.
Assisting with the bridal shower. Someone may still think that moms are not considered to be the main hosts on the bridal shower, but today’s tendency show mothers join the bridesmaids and maids of honor to assist with setting the wonderful shower.

Dress themselves. Contemporary mothers don’t want to dress standard for their daugther’s or son’s wedding. The time of customary opting for beige is over. So, girls should allocate some time for helping their moms to pick the perfect wedding day outfit.


Setting their own party. Mothers also tend to organize their own parties such as the rehearsal dinner or the morning-after breakfast. It is a great opportunity for them to embody their own ideas of menu, decorations, themes etc. The latest trend is planning their own after-parties intended for older friends and relatives, while younger generation parties separately.

Calming down the bride. One of the main mothers’ role is calming their daughters down on their big day. Besides, mothers are the ones- they accompany brides to the manicure and pedicure procedures, plan the movie nights and listen to their non-stop conversations without being judgmental. Mother is the one whom the bride needs like never before.


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