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Maid of Honor Wedding Preparation Duties

Wedding is a complicated process and one of the key person that is supposed to help the bride handle this process is the maid of honor. So, her main role is making sure that everything goes smoothly both during the pre-wedding period and during the big day.

Often happens that the groom is not as helpful to the wedding process as the bride wishes him to be and that’s when the turn of maid of honor comes. We came up with the essential maid of honor duties so that both you and your maid of honor know how she can be helpful during wedding preparation process.

Maid of honor pre-wedding duties

Assist bride with finding the perfect wedding location. As this process could be both prolonged and stressful, the bride would definitely appreciate your help with deciding on the ceremony and party setting.
Maid-of-honorHelping the brides with wedding invites picking and maybe even with addressing them in case the bride doesn’t have enough time for that. Often brides tend to outsource their invites, but there are cases when they should be sent by the family and that’s when your help could be to the point.

Decorations and favors choosing and ordering process could also become one of your responsibilities. The brides would love you to help on deciding whether she wants ivory or milky napkins etc. Moreover, you will be the one that will make sure everything is set on time at the wedding ceremony, reception and even at the shower and Bachelorette party.
Maid-of-honorAccompany the bride during the wedding gown shopping as well as during the bridesmaids’ dresses choosing. It is your duty to control that the dresses are ordered and arrive in enough time for alterations. It would be great if you can attend all of the numerous wedding gown fittings in order to give you friend a feedback on the way the dress fits her.

It often happens that the groom does want to attend the register with his fiancée. You can show your support by accompanying the bride to register and informing the guests where the couple is registered. This promises to be fun and exciting, so you will enjoy the process as well.


Assist the bride with guests seating both during the ceremony and reception. The more guests the couple plans to invite, the harder this process is. One of the ways is coming up with the table and table drawing and don’t forget to take your drawings to the wedding in order to make sure everybody is seated correctly.

Setting and planning both the bridal shower and the Bachelorette party also lay in the circle of your responsibilities. And of course it is obligatory to attend both of these events.
Make sure the other bridesmaids are well organized.

Be there with the bride and assist with the rehearsal dinner if needed. Often the bride, groom and their family members are too busy with fussy pre-wedding preparations and tend to forget about this important day, which will help you all being organized on the wedding day.

Keep everybody updated about the last-minute changes that may affect the wedding day schedule.
Go to the bridal fairs with your friend, also to the cake and catering sampling.

Come up with the interesting games for the bridal shower.


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