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Maid of Honor Wedding Day Duties

I would suggest that the maid of honor has the most complicated duties in comparison to everyone that is also involved in the wedding process, maybe except for the bride herself. The maid of honor status means that both during the wedding preparation process and during the big day you are supposed beings the bride’s key companion, her chief assistant and of course best friend.

But along with the unavoidable complications and stressful situation, the role of the maid of honor is the symbol of your friendship recognition and a high compliment. Usually, brides choose their closer friend or relative to be her maid of honor. Let’s find out what are the key maid of honor responsibilities during the wedding day.

Maid of honor duties on the wedding day

First of all, you need to make sure the bride is all set in time for the wedding ceremony including the makeup and hair done. Besides, you have to control her timely arrival to the wedding ceremony.
Maid-of-honorBecome the intermediary between the bride and whoever she wants to communicate including the family members and groom.

In the morning before the big day begins, it would be great to attend the ceremony and party room in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. Keeping your hands on is the key.
Maid-of-honorHelp the bride with setting the private atmosphere in case she needs some personal time at whatever point of the ceremony.

This duty is probably the most official one- being the witness during marriage license signing.

Contemporary brides are not afraid of handling all those long veils and trains, maybe partially because maid of honors are the ones who are supposed to help with that.
Maid-of-honorServe as a source of relaxation and calming once you stand by the bride at altar. She really requires someone who will be there for her during this stressful moment.

Usually maids of honors have to hold items like bridal bouquet, purse r other accessories during the ceremony, so keep your hands free.

Another official duty of the maid of honor is keeping the groom’s ring under your control till the moment y you hand it to the bride during the ceremony.
Maid-of-honorAccording to the old tradition maid of honor makes the speech at the wedding reception. Isn’t it a nice way to gladden the guests by telling the story of your friendship?

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the newlyweds’ money bag at the moment the bride and groom dance with their relatives and friends in order to avoid the possibility of theft.

The moral and psychological support of the bride is essential so try to be a great listener over the entire wedding celebration process as your friend is going to go through numerous stressful moments.


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