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Guide for Parents: How to Get Flower Girl Ready


Once your daughter finds out she was chosen to be the flower girl, she will be full of excitement. But as the initial enthusiasm calms down, she may realize that she knows nothing about the flower girl’s duties. So, the parents are the ones who are supposed to explain the daughter her responsibilities of the flower girl in order to avoid any excesses at the wedding ceremony.

Flower girl functions

Pre-wedding period might include:
Dress fitting
Attending the pre-wedding activities along with other members of the wedding party
Presence at the wedding rehearsals where she will practice walking down the aisle.
Flower-girlWedding ceremony:
Arrive earlier than the couple
Smile when the photos are taken
Stand calm and when the turn to walk down the aisle comes
Walk down the aisle in the prescribed speed and throw the flower petals or give flowers to guests
Either stand or sit during the ceremony
By the end of the ceremony walk up the aisleFlower-girlWedding reception:
Go into the hall with the other members of wedding party when the DJ or band leader spells out her name
Pose for the photographer
Enjoy the celebration and have fun.
Flower-girlExplain the flower girl her role
Now when your daughter know about her main responsibilities, it is important to explain her place in the party hierarchy. Sure, she might decide she is going to play the major role at the wedding, but she should understand that the bride has to be the spotlight at the wedding ceremony.
Flower-girlSpend some time with the bride
In order to set some kind of connection between the bride and the flower girl, you should spend some time with her before the big day takes place. It shouldn’t be necessarily a pre-wedding activity, a lunch or even a nail appointment is a nice chance for getting to know each other better. If you live far from the bride, the Skype video call is a good alternative.
Practice, practice and practice. In order for the flower girl to feel relaxed and comfortable during the wedding ceremony, don’t hesitate to rehearse the way she should walk, hold the basket and even throw the petals. In case it is possible, have her wearing the same outfit she will be wearing at the ceremony.
Flower-girlCalm her down
Even if your child is used to being the center of attention, she could still feel pretty nervous walking in front of many people. That’s why it is mandatory to explain her that there is nothing wrong in being nervous in front of the public and let her know that whatever happens, it would still be ok and no one will judge her for that. Also try to shift her negative thoughts to the positive part of being the flower girl.


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