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Flower Girl and Her Duties

Flower girl is a girl aged between 4 to 8 years old that has connection with either to bride or groom. She might be a niece or cousin or friend’s daughter. She walks behind the bridesmaids, in some cases before or after the maid of honor and carries the basket of flowers scattering them down the aisle.

While some couples won’t have any differences with choosing the girl for the flower girl role, other may have difficulties choosing between several candidates. I don’t see any problems with having more than one flower girls. It will not only make you feel more confident, but also add the feel of cuteness to the ceremony.

Flower girl’s duties

You would better avoid opting for girl of younger age since she can get confused or scared on your big day. The older girl is a better candidate for a role of a reader or junior bridesmaid. In case you just don’t have any girl for the role of flower girl, you may simply avoid having the one.
Flower girl
Start preparing the flower girl in advance. You may even buy her a book with tips on being the flower girl. It will definitely get her excited about this responsible role. Have her parents seated close to the front of the aisle so that she would be able easily observe them during the ceremony. Ask one of the bridesmaids to watch after her and make sure she visits the restroom before the ceremony.

Remember not to worry much about the flower girl. Even if she falls and dumps her basket in the middle of the aisle, start running instead of walking or get scared and start crying, guests will consider it to be cute.
Flower girl
As a rule, flower girl wears mini-version of bride’s dress or simply white dress with a sash of the same color as bridesmaids’ dresses, but you may opt for any cute dress that would suit the wedding theme. Make sure the dress is comfortable enough and of the appropriate length otherwise it will get under her feet.

The flower girls dresses are available for sale at bridal shops, children’s clothing and department stores. As the parents are the ones who pay for flower girl’s dress, try to go for something relatively reasonably-priced.
Flower girl
The main criteria you should base your choice on is the rosy cheeks and cute face, of course. Sure, having a flower girl at your wedding is non obligatory, but she is able to provoke tender emotions on the faces of your guests. Besides, it is a nice way of making your beloved little relative feel as an important part of your wedding day.


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