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Bridesmaids Duties on Your Wedding

There are no general duties that bridesmaids have to carry on every single wedding. Their duties will differ based on their age and the scenario of your wedding. As a rule, bridesmaids that are too young are not as helpful as the older ones. Moreover, bridesmaids of older age are also supportive after the nuptials is over. In case you decide to have the maid of honor, she will be responsible for the numerous duties that would be otherwise carried by bridesmaids.

We have prepared the guide on bridesmaids’ duties that you can ask them to take care of taking into consideration the fact that you will have the maid of honor.

Bridesmaids’ duties

Main objective of the bridesmaids during the pre-wedding period is supporting you at the dress fittings. They have to participate in the bridesmaids’ dresses choosing process and present at your hen night.
BridesmaidsThough, you may not limit their duties to this. You can also ask your bridesmaids to accompany you during the wedding gown shopping, assist you in organizing the hen’s night or bridal shower, help with constructing the wedding stationery or bonbonnières and even deliver the wedding cake.

Another way of engaging the bridesmaids is asking one of them to keep the track of the gifts you receive at your hen night and bridal shower in order to simplify the thank you notes writing process.
BridesmaidsWedding morning
On the morning of the big day the bridesmaids have to arrive for getting their hair and makeup done and put on their dresses. If needed, they can help other bridesmaids and flower girls to be prepared on time. Also they might participate in the photosession prior to the ceremony.
BridesmaidsBridesmaids should be informed about the way they get to the ceremony. Make sure they are provided with the transport in order to arrive to the ceremony before you do.

Wedding ceremony
At the wedding ceremony your bridesmaids are supposed to know their duties since they already practiced them during the rehearsal. based on the style of processional you opted for, you will be either followed down the aisle by your bridesmaids or have them walk before. Customarily, bridesmaids are the ones who hole the train, but modern dresses often don’t require this.

BridesmaidsBy the moment the bridesmaids get to altar, they have to sit in the assigned seats placed in the front row. From now long their responsibilities at the ceremony are holding items and bride’s accessories like gloves or bouquet, while the maid of honor goes and signs the marriage register.

Wedding reception
During the wedding reception you can have your bridesmaids to participate in the receiving line, have them meeting the guests and accompany them to their seat in order to make sure everybody get the proper place.

BridesmaidsDepending on the amount of bridesmaids, you may have them seat with you at the main table. It would be nice for the bridesmaids to dance with you once the dancing part starts. By the end of the reception you may have them help with bonbonnières handing out.

Some bridesmaids may assume that their bridesmaids’ duties end as the nuptials is over, but there are still few functions they could perform for you, especially if you are leaving to the honeymoon right after the wedding. They might contain giving back items that were rented, having your wedding dress cleaned and packed.



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