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Coolest Desserts To Serve At Your Wedding

Cakes are getting more and more creative but are they really that delicious? If you are more into food taste rather than food appearance, these mouth-watering desserts will become a treat for you and your guests.

Coolest Wedding Desserts


Cannoli is an Italian dessert made of fried pastry dough tube filled with ricotta. They sometimes sprinkle cannoli with fruit pieces or chocolate chips. A tower of these puppies would make a great alternative to cake.


Pavlova mini cakes topped with fruit is a perfect summer wedding dessert due to its light puffy texture and fresh berry and fruit pieces.

Shot glass cream desserts

A shot glass dessert made of yogurt or ice cream is refreshing and beautifully served. They can also be light and cost-effective if you use local seasonal fruit.

Coffee in glasses and donuts

Coffee and mini donuts is a great way to start off a wedding brunch, let your guests wake up and energize after the morning ceremony.

Ice cream sandwiches on sticks

Ice cream is great. Ice cream sandwiches? What can be better? It’s like cake and ice cream combined together to battle boredom and convention.


Cheesecake can be too much on the taste buds but in bite sized version it’s a perfect addition to a brunch or sweet wedding table.

Donut holes

Donuts have taken their rightful place among cake alternatives, but how are kabobs made of donut holes stack with them? Brilliantly, we say!

Dessert tacos made of waffles

Dessert tacos is something to experiment with. You can try filling tortillas with mascarpone or ricotta and fruit to achieve a less sweet taste or you can go with waffles and chocolate to create a sugar bomb.

Popsicle cocktails

Popsicle cocktails are fun, refreshing, and very eye catchy. They are also easy to serve and make sure your guests are drinking less.

Cream apple

Four words – white chocolate-covered apples. Yum!


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