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Bachelorette Party Inspired by Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby hen party
Great Gatsby hen party
A bachelorette party is a very important attribute of any weeding. This is your last chance to freely and fully hang out with your closest friends. There are practically no limits to this night, so it is better to make a full use of this opportunity. There are a lot of ways to arrange such an event and the most productive one would be to collaborate with your bridesmaids-to-be and throw up something exciting and memorable. It is completely up to you which style and theme to choose; however, I would dare to provide some cool ideas for your inspiration. Have you ever though of arranging a hen party designed in  Great Gatsby style? If not, then scroll down and figure out what steps to take if this becomes your choice.

Simple Steps To Throw Up Great Gatsby Hen Party

First of all, you need to finalize the list of people with whom you would like to share this night. Of course, the more you invite, the more fun it will be. Yet, make sure that your guests will make you feel comfortable and happy; otherwise, there is no point in inviting every single lady whom you know – just for the sake of numbers.

The next step to make is to come up with a saucy and exciting theme of your party. Don’t make a regular and cliche hang-out: be as creative as you can. If your style is inspired by Great Gatsby, then you are making the right choice. Such a hen party will be incredibly memorable and fantastic. Besides, I am pretty sure that many ladies have imagined themselves in the setting and aura of the movie – so why not to provide them with such a great opportunity?

Once you have decided upon the list, start sending out the invitation cards. This is a very important element, since your bachelorette event requires certain kind of an outfit. And believe me, it is not easy to find a perfect ensemble in just a couple of days. Besides, we – the ladies – tend to dedicate too much attention and time to the clothing part. Hence, make sure you indicate the exact date and venue as well as the directions and instructions for the dress-code.

Speaking of the outfits, the best way would be to gather all of your friends and shop for the vintage styled ensembles together. This will make the search easier and more time-consuming. Moreover, you can reach some level of coherence in your clothing options and create a more or less solid picture. In case you don’t have such a chance, it would not hurt to purchase some Gatsby attributes ahead of time to provide those guests who don’t manage with the requested outfit.  

Also, think carefully about your own look. This is the night when you ought to look perfect, so spend as much time as you can on the fashionable search. You have a very wide range of options, but the most alluring and appropriate one is a beautiful knee-high (or shorter) dress with rich embellishment. Sequins, rhinestones, fur, gemstones – anything that your imagination dictates will work out. It all depends on your personal preferences – and please do not limit yourself. Make sure that you have a matching pair of shoes, an outerwear piece (if necessary) and lots of accessories.

The food as well as drinks do not have to fall within the Gatsby style. You will definitely need a couple of bottles of champagne – but this is quite a typical choice for such kind of events. You can decorate glasses with mother-of-pearl beads – to create a more adherent image. Also, you cane easily order some yummy cookies with the imprinted images related to the movie.

It also makes sense to come up with a set of themed games and other fun activities. After all, parties are not about clubbing only, right? Make this night as unforgettable as you can. You may need assistance of a specialized agencies for that, but I am sure you won’t regret such a choice. If you choose to bring a touch of entertainment to your fun event, you will also need some simple yet pleasant gifts – to encourage competitiveness. And do not forget about someone who will record all of your activities and happy moments. It will be a good idea to invite your wedding photographer, as this way you will already have some experience of interaction.

These were the simple and useful tips that will help you if you choose to arrange a Great Gatsby inspired hen party.


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