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9 Tips on Picking Bridesmaids

Usually the American wedding has four bridesmaids and one maid of honor. Choosing someone to be your bridesmaid is kind of the way to honor someone to share this special day hand in hand with you. Many brides suffer from choosing the candidates on the role of bridesmaids since they the amount is limited and thus they don’t want to hurt one friend’s feeling by choosing another one.

Our simple guide will help you decide on the best candidates for the bridesmaids during your big day.

How to choose the bridesmaids

1. One and the most important thing to decide is the amount of guests you are planning to invite to the bridal party. Depending on the size of your solemnity, the amount of bridesmaids could range from a single maid/matron of honor to more than dozen. The authoritative wedding experts advise to have one groomsman and one corresponding bridesmaid for every 50 guests. But even in case you cannot provide the equal amount of bridesmaids and groomsman, it will still be ok to have uneven numbers. So, in case you are planning a small intimate wedding party, ten bridesmaids could be way too much.
2. Sure, we want to include as much girl friend as possible in the bridesmaids list, but remember- more bridesmaids equal to more complications. In fact, you will need ask opinion of a bigger amount of people on the dress or a bridal shower date. Besides, bridesmaids bouquets are not that cheap.

3. Usually including sister or future sister-in-law in your wedding party is unconditional. But there are cases when your relationship with your close ones is not as ideal as it is supposed to be. Still, it is better to include the family members in order to avoid needless conflicts and misunderstandings.

4. Remember, you are not obliged to invite someone to be your bridesmaid only because she invited to be in her wedding. Weddings are not the reason for quid pro quo.

5. The main thing you are expecting from your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding is the moral support. Remember, they are not your maids literally, so don’t load them with all kinds of requests like addressing your wedding invitations or tying the ribbons on the chairs. Keep in mind that they have other things to do besides your wedding like work or studying, so think twice before choosing the friend that is making her PhD as a bridesmaid.
6. Don’t exclude someone from the list just because this person doesn’t have enough money to afford that Vera Wang bridesmaid dress you like. You may either talk to this friend and explain your decision or simply offer her to pay for the dress yourself if you just don’t see your wedding without this person being your bridesmaid.

7. Bridesmaids shouldn’t necessarily be women. In case your best friend is a man, I don’t see any reason why he cannot hold the role of the bridesmaid. Only in this case he will be called a bridesman, while the woman on the side of groom will be called a groomswoman.

8. If you still have problems with roles distribution, take into consideration that there are other roles for your friends at the wedding. For example, ask your friend to do the reading, hand out the programs or sing a song.
9. Once you decide on the bridesmaids candidatures, it is time to spread the information. There is nothing worse than your friend, who assumes to be the bridesmaid on your wedding. I understand that you will be afraid of hurting other people’s feelings, but the true friend will understand and accept any of your decisions. So, don’t delay this important conversation and inform everyone as soon as possible in order to get done with one of the numerous wedding checklists.

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