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Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations are about letting your family and friends know about your wedding location and asking them to join you. But if you want something more creative and fun try unconventional and unusual wedding invitations that will not only invite your guests but will also delight them.

There are many unusual ways to invite your guests including these fun wedding invitation alternatives. These are the invites that have a visual and audial appeal but if you want your invitations to be more tangible look into the following options.

Edible Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas

Cookies, chocolate, and other edible invitations are a new delicious way to ask your family and friends to come celebrate your wedding. Instructions and wedding details in such invitations can be found printed on the packaging or right on the edible treats. Edible invitations include types like cookies, engraved chocolate plates and various other delectable invites that can be sent in time for your wedding.

Non-Paper Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas

Non-paper invitations are unusual and can be a great DIY project. From the engraved wood chips to fabric made invitations the non-paper invites can be both creative and eco-friendly. You can use almost any kind of fabric or material for creating your non-paper invites. It even includes Plexiglas.

3D Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas

3D invitations can be fun and interesting. They can tell a story or simply have such decorative elements which regular invitations cannot provide. From Origami invites to various 3D shapes made of cardboard or paper 3D invitations will definitely make a lasting impression.

Whimsical Viewmaster Invites

Unusual Wedding Invitation Ideas

Okay, this one is an amazing invitation that shows your guests in a picture reel of 7 slides that you’re getting married. But prepare to shell out $1800 for just ten invites and $3450 for 100. Only one invite costs $550 so it’s better order those in batches.


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