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Ideas of the Wording of Your Wedding Invitations

wording-wedding-invitationsAccording to the older days traditions the bride’s parents were supposed to pay for the wedding celebration as well as for all the accompanying events. Nowadays this tradition fell into oblivion since the wedding became an expensive affair and thus hard to finance.

In the result the contemporary couples demonstrate their financial independence by financing their weddings themselves. So, in case you are planning to bear the wedding budget in full, isn’t it better to word both the bridal shower and wedding invitations?

Wording for the wedding invitations

Bridal shower invitations
As a rule the bridal showers are set by the person other than the bride, however if you still decide to throw the shower yourself, it would be better finding the person, who will send the invitations. Another way is asking your fiancé to organize the shower and in this case the invitation will say something like “Mike invites you to the shower in the honor of his wife-to-be Teresa”.
Wedding invitations
As we talked about the bridal shower invitations, it is time to move to the text of the wedding invitations. Wording for the wedding invitations give you the variety of choices. Usually in case the bride and groom are paying for the wedding expenses themselves, the wedding invites could include the text “Alice and Roy request the honor of your presence at the celebration of their marriage”, where the phrase “request the honor of your presence” symbolizes the fact that the wedding will be held in the church or other religious house.
In some cases the bride and groom will want to include the members of their families on the wedding invitations even if they are not financing the wedding. This way the invitations will start with the phrase “Together with our families” or “Together with their families”. These words will mean that your parents are not totally covering the wedding-related expenses. It is simply a nice way to thank your family members for their invaluable help.
Parents’ contributions
If one or the both parties are ready to contribute to your wedding partially, you may again use the phrase “Together with our families”, which implies that they are financing your wedding in some way. In case one family is disbursing for one half and the couple for another one, the invitations could include the wording “Mr. and Mrs. (parents’ names) request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter (bride’s name) to (groom’s name), son of (groom’s parents). In this case you will attribute to everyone, regardless the fact who is paying or not.
All of this could be a bit confusing, thus it would be better to discuss the invitations wording possibilities with the experienced designer. At the moment you see all the possible layouts, it will be much easier to opt for the right wording.


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