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Guide on Cheap Wedding Invitations

In most cases couples have the limited budget in which they have to fit all the necessary wedding expenses, which is a complicated thing to do since prices on wedding attributes could range tremendously. One of the expenses you have to cover is the wedding invitations. The fact that you are short on budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to opt for the thin paper and discounted printing. With our useful guide you will be able to get the beautiful wedding invitations at budget-friendly price.

How to save on wedding invitations

Look around
Believe me, party and stationery stores do not offer the cheapest the range of cheap wedding invitations, but they are the perfect places for looking around and figuring what is offered on the market. Consider looking for invitations in office supply stores like Kinkos, Staples or discount or warehouse stores like Costco. You may also find the nice options in the mail-order catalogues and of course in the internet.


In fact, the assortment is nearly the same in each of these places, but the prices might range significantly. It is also important to have the samples ordered in order to evaluate the paper and printing quality before the actual purchase.

Distinct techniques of printing
There is no doubt that wedding invitations with engraving look stunning, but they are also very pricey. Thermography is a perfect alternative to engraving- you will get the same looking text for less. Another option is doing the laser printing, which is used in magazines and postcards producing.


Limit extras
Invitations with complicated design like bows, double or triple-layered and other types of embellishments are highly trendy nowadays. But each of these extras also increases the final price. Keep in mind that you might be paying not only for the actual cost, but also for the assembly fees and shipment cost. As a substitute you should consider opting for the invitations with the simple classic design printed on the fine paper. As for the envelopes, you can avoid the traditional element like the lined envelope as it will be hardly noticed by the receivers and you will save the extra sum of money by doing so.


Package deals
Pay attentions for the discount offers like the discount packages by the companies. There is no doubt that personalized invitations look nicer, but you can really save on purchasing the invitations along with the response cards, envelopes and other items all together. Few vendors tend to offer good discounts in case you buy the invitations, thank you cards and informal stationery at once.


Single envelope
According to the ancient traditions wedding invitations are supposed to be sent in two envelopes in case one of them get torn or dirty. But the contemporary times are characterized with the progress in delivery procedure, so simply use only one envelope.


Invitations with the standard sizing
Some couples tend to mistakenly think that if the invitations weight less than an ounce, they still lay in the regular first class stamp category. But, in fact, the US Post Office informs that the extra charge of $0.13 will be applied to envelopes with the weight of one oz. or less in the following cases:

o It is a square letter
o It contains very rigid items such as wood or metal
o It has clasps, string, buttons, or similar closure devices
o It has an address parallel to the shorter dimension of the letter
o It contains items such as pens that cause the surface to be uneven
o The length divided by height is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5


So, the weight is not the only the weight that matters, but also the length-to-height ration.

Exclude reception cards
If you are limited in finances, there is no point for having the separate reception card. You may just write the phrase “reception to follow”. Even in case the reception will have the different location, it is still possible to write “reception to follow” and then the address on the invitations. Besides, you may add the insert with the map and other details.


Make proofreading
Surprisingly, but a lot of couples tend to re-order their wedding invitations for extra payment because of the errors in text. Don’t check the invitations yourself, ask couple other people do it as well. Look carefully at such details like names, dates, time, locations.


Use postcard for RSVP
Instead of a folded card in the envelope, opt for the postcard for your RSVP. This way you will not only save on the invitation weight when posting, but you will also save additional $0.15 on posting each RSVP.



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