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Fun Wedding Invitation Alternatives

Fun Wedding Invitation Alternatives

Wedding invitations can be a daunting task – choose/design them, sign them, send them. They can take a lot of time and effort but there are always alternatives. Here are some inventive fun ideas of asking your family and friends to join you on your wedding day.

Wedding Invitation Alternatives

Wedding Video Invitation

Make a video invitation. It’s easy to send via email and you don’t have to spend money on postal services. There are many ways to make a video invitation creative and fun and it can go to your new family’s video archive. Here are some tips on making a video invitation:

1. Make it under two minutes.
2. Be creative with the footage, have fun.
3. Do edit the video.
4. Make sure the instructions on wedding date, location, and other important details are clear.


Fun Wedding Invitation Alternatives

Another non-paper invitation option is an e-invitation or electronic invitation. For a certain fee these can be created using special websites’ templates or your own designs, you can also inmport your photographs and music. Send them via email to the guests along with scheduled reminders to RSVP or thank you notes. You can design the e-invitations yourself using Word, Photoshop, and other software for free.

Audio Invitation/Song

An audio invitation or an originally recorded song can be a great way to ask your guests to come to the wedding. It can be sent along the e-card or inserted into a paper greeting card with a sound module. One couple did a paper record player that contained an invitation and recorded an original song they wrote together.



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