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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are not that pointless as you think of them. The process of choosing the wedding invitations is kind of similar to wedding dress choosing and cause the bridal panic attack. Invitations give the first impression about your wedding- they set the tone and the theme of the entire wedding celebration. Besides, you mother-in-law will probably want to place them in her scrapbook in order to show it to your children.

So, the role of invitations could be fully characterized as one of the central ones. But don’t perceive the selection process as a hard task, have fun on the contrary. These invitation details will guide through the entire process of choosing.

Guide on choosing wedding invitations

Majority of brides that already have the perfect themes for their wedding in minds, immediately refuse them once they see the invitation samples they just love. Be open to the various invitations, especially if you are still not certain about the general theme and color scheme. I would suggest sticking to certain color theme and based on that start the selection process.
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Prices on invitations can be really high. So, don’t hesitate to compare the prices of different vendors including the wedding e-marketplaces to make sure you are receiving the best ones in your price range. Some vendors provide with the free guest address printing while others have the free shipping.

Everybody has different tastes: what one bride would love, another one would hate. So, don’t go too far in picking the invitation that suits your extravagant and unique taste- find the alternative between the generally accepted canons of a good taste and your own one.
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Also avoid placing the photos of your couple on the wedding invitations since they are more appropriate for the engagement party or a save-the-date announcement. If you still love the idea of flashing your favourite photo, you use it on the wedding program or table menu.

And finally, I would recommend purchasing the sample before making a full order. This is a chance to see in reality the quality of the materials and printing, besides you may want to change the proportions. The actual seeing the product can make a huge difference and keep you from the unneeded stress.
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