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Why to Choose Topaz, Ruby and Emerald Wedding Rings

Colored Precious Stones in Wedding Bands
Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, as Marilyn Monroe sang. With their undeniable beauty and fascinating glitter, it becomes clear why they have been a top choice among the couples for the numerous years. However nowadays the diamonds are losing their positions as more and more couples tend to go for other precious stones to be embedded in their wedding rings. The stones like the flaming ruby, classy topaz and shining emerald became the favorite stones for the nuptial jewellery among the contemporary brides-to-be. We bring you the reasons why the following stones are an ideal option for the wedding bands.

Topas, Ruby and Emerald in Wedding Bands

Rubies are the symbols of prosperity and passion

Rubies ooze the love, passion and vibrancy and that’s probably why the red color is strongly associated with the Valentine Day. Besides in Feng Shui the red color stands for the prosperity. In case you decide to embed the ruby in the wedding ring, it will not only symbolize the passion and love, but will also bring the prosperity into your marriage. Moreover a ruby suits almost all skin tones. When teamed with the diamonds on the wedding band, the rubies make up a stunning combination of the “fire” and “ice”.

Colored Precious Stones in Wedding Bands

Topaz symbolizes innocent love

The topaz embedded in the wedding band is more than just a lovely blue stone. In fact it is the symbol of the faithfulness, innocence and friendship. When placed alongside the diamonds, the topazes create the sparkling and impressive effect. Keep in mind that the pink-colored topaz is the rarest one and could be very costly, while blue topazes are widespread and come in a variety of shades.

Colored Precious Stones in Wedding Bands

Emerald is the trendiest precious stone of 2013

The emerald green was proclaimed to be the color of 2013 that reigns in such spheres as fashion, home interiors and of course jewellery. The emerald green is the symbol of the development and hope, what makes it an ideal option for the couples that plan to start their live together. Besides the green is considered to be the color of blooming and abundance.

Colored Precious Stones in Wedding Bands

According to the fashion experts the green trend is going to last beyond the year of 2013. The emeralds, which are often seen on the necks, fingers, wrists and ears of the A-list celebrities throughout the world, work best for Art Deco-inspired jewelery designs, especially when complemented with diamonds.

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