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Wedding Venue Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss

Wedding venues are all space and tables. How about making your special day venue unique? You may not only personalize it by expressing your taste and style through decoration but you can also add unexpected cozy accents to make your venue more inviting to your guests and simply more interesting.

Sofas and armchairs are so cozy it’s probably worth to invest into them rather than flowers. Think about it, your guests will feel more appreciative of great comfy furniture than fleeting floral decorations. Although it doesn’t mean you cannot add pops of greenery with cheaper leafy compositions and garlands.

Tents and rugs also add lots of coziness to the venue. They are especially useful for boho style weddings.

When it comes to lighting forgo string lights if you want something more unique. Either go with statement chandeliers or make use of ambient lights that can be covered with fabric. Those backlit tables look amazing in their ruffled cloths but what’s more enchanting is their intimacy. Perfect for small weddings with lots of young couples.

Wedding Venue Ideas

Wedding tent

Wedding chandeliers

Wedding backlit tables

Wedding Chair duo

Wedding barn


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