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Wedding Registry: How to Register for Wedding Gifts

Wedding registry is the way for your close ones to praise your wedding and to help you fill your home with necessary attributes. We came up with the list of tips on making your bridal registry.

How to register for wedding gifts

Register in advance
Try to register for wedding gifts as soon as you get engaged since some of your guests may want to buy the wedding gifts quickly after hearing the good news.

Register together
Decide on the registry list together since these are the gifts for you two. Check out what you already have and find out what is missing. Also don’t forget to consider the style of your home. In case you cannot come to the common decision, simply alternate items: he could be responsible for electronics while you get to pick the kitchen equipment.
Wedding-registry-gifts.jpgChoose deliberately
Don’t include on the list those items that you won’t be using. Also, try to avoid registering things that could be monogrammed since it is nearly impossible to return it.

Don’t limit yourself to china
Feel free to register for whatever you want and need. If you feel like you are missing some electronics or kitchen staff for the comfortable life in your new house, feel free to include it on the list.
Wedding-registry-gifts.jpgConsider the return policy of the store
Check the store’s exchange and return policy. Luckily, the majority of registry stores can boast client-oriented customer service. Getting acquainted with the store’s return policy including the time-limit will help you better plan your registry.

Choose gifts in various price ranges
It is better to register for staff in distinct prices ranges like under 50$, under $80, under $100 etc so that each of your guests could find the suitable option according to their financial opportunities.
Wedding-registry-gifts.jpgFind the online registry
Try to choose the registries that are available online since some of your guests might be too busy for in person shopping. It would be nice if the guests will be able to order in person, by the phone or fax.

Make updates
Once someone purchases the gift, the registry has to automatically update in order to let others see what has been bought as well as you. You may update the list yourself by filling it with the extra range of products so that guests have a lot of staff to choose from. Try to register at least twice as many items as the amount of guests.
wedding-registry-home-renovationGift cards
It is obvious that you wouldn’t mind getting cash instead of the gifts, but it is not quite polite. One of the options is receiving the gift cards.

Thank you notes
Be polite and thank your guests as soon as the gifts arrive using the thank you notes. Make sure to send the thank you notes within the couple weeks after the arrival of pre-wedding gifts. As for the gifts you receive on the wedding day, send the thank you notes within the month or upon the return from the honeymoon. Don’t forget to state each gift by name.

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