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Wedding Inspired By Harry Potter: Manual Guide

Hedwig wedding cake
Hedwig wedding cake
Harry Potter is an idol of many millions of people. I remember myself falling into the exciting and magnificent world of magic ever since I was 10. I could spend hours reading the pages about fantastic adventures of Harry and his friends. I bet that most of you have the same kind of memories and experience. Moreover, today the famous saga is being praised and adored not only by children, but also by adults. So there is a big chance that some of you are still into it – and there is nothing wrong about. If it happens so that both you and your beloved one are big fans of Potter, then you ought to celebrate your most important event with some owls, witches and magic wands. Below is a manual on how to arrange the most magic wedding in the universe.

How To Style Harry Potter Wedding Ceremony

First of all you have to start with the outfit of course. No matter what theme you opt for, this is the beginning of everything. If you do not succeed to come up with a decent look, half of your event is already spoiled. Since here we are talking not just about a regular wedding, but something that happens once in a while, you need to take time before finalizing your wedding ensembles. There is no need to go for some outstanding pieces: it can be easily a normal white gown and a suit. However, you will have to add some styling accessories, such as the striped burgundy and yellow scarf and a matching jacket – to make the outfit correspond with the color palette of your favorite house.

Now it comes to the invitation part – you have to make sure that you inform your guests accordingly and on time. It is one thing if you are throwing up a regular wedding, which does not require any special kind of dress code. Yet, in this case it is quite different. The wedding party will be much more fun and spectacular if all of the attendees dress up in accordance with the style of your ceremony. For that you have to let your relatives and friends prepare their stunning outfits ahead; this is when the invitation letters step in. Besides, the card itself can be designed in a very engaging way.

Next, you have to take care of a cake. While it is your personal choice and it can feature anything related to Harry Potter series, below is an awesome example to serve as your inspiration. This masterpiece might not seem to be edible, but trust me it is. The astonishing pastry item features Harry owl Hedwig, the cage, a couple of books, a letter and a magic wand – all laid down on a chocolate tray. I have no information about how delicious the cake is, but one can assume that the piece has a great potential in terms of taste.

Also, it is worth thinking about the entertainment part of your reception. People would not be impressed by a boring event that would not include anything except for dinner and drinks. You have to come up with some games and fun competitions in order to help all the attendees interact with each other and stay in good mood. For this you can easily use different attributes from series, be it a sorting hat or magic wands.

And last but not least, in order to always keep the big day in your memory, you need to shoot a set of marvelous and beautiful photos. A wedding photographer is a very important figure at any event as he can depict the happiest moments of your life. Hence, it makes sense to spend some significant amount of time looking for a right guy. God knows what ideas you might come up with during your incredible and memorable photo shoot, so make sure your guide is well familiar with Photoshop and other photo editing tools. After all, it is always nice to have some surrealistic photos in your collection.

These were some major tips on how to throw up a wedding inspired by Harry Potter. As for the location of your wedding ceremony, the place does not matter that much in this case. It is the general mood and all those tiny details that will make up your day.



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