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Wedding In Monochrome Style

Monochrome Wedding Invitations

Seems like a monochrome trend is going to reign this year and it doesn’t apply solely to fashion industry. Monochrome color palette appeared everywhere starting from clothes to the interior design and now it seems to conquer the wedding industry.

Monochrome Wedding

This hit trend made its way to the wedding industry and is becoming a popular alternative for the contemporary couples since it allows making a statement with your wedding, but yet keeping it classy and elegant. However there are some prejudices related to using black color at weddings and since black is the key hue in this monochrome trend, would you dare to use it on your wedding day?

The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress started from the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria decided to wear a white lacy dress at her wedding. Earlier brides didn’t bother themselves with a color of their wedding dresses. Moreover, they had often worn black dresses since they looked classy and smart.

Once the Victorian era began, people started associating black with misfortune. So since that moment a black wedding dress became a symbol of gloom, which expects the newlyweds in a married life.

Monochrome Wedding Dress

Fortunately, nowadays black color is making a big return to the wedding world as the old-fashioned superstitions are left in the past. So, the monochrome wedding theme offers a statement and stylish alternative that is both classic and contemporary.

One of the big advantages of the monochrome wedding theme is using the classy colors that are never out of fashion and will allow you to look elegant even when the future generations see your photos.

Besides being chic and trendy, monochrome color palette is easy to incorporate into your wedding. The first step to the monochrome wedding is black bridesmaid’s dress. In case you still want to stick to a traditional white dress, consider introducing monochrome to your bridal look using black accessories like shoes, jewellery and clutch.

Wedding in Monochrome Palette

As for the décor, consider blending crisp white table covers adorned with stylish black bows and table runners. Want to add chic appeal to your wedding reception venue? Replace the traditional candle holders with the ones made from black glass or opt for the black vases filled with white flowers.


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