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Wedding Gowns Trends for Spring Summer 2013

During the Bridal Fashion Week in New York City the leading wedding dress designers like Anne Barge, Monique L’Huillier, Katerina Bocci and others that are considered to be the trendsetters in the bridal fashion demonstrated the top wedding gown trends for spring 2013 season. In the bridal fashion during the coming spring summer 2013 season will prevail the soft and romantic silhouettes with a bit sexy vibe. We bring you the top wedding dress trends that will reign during the spring summer 2013.

Wedding dress trends for spring summer 2013

Despite the fact that the monarchic wedding is left in the past, the wedding gown of the Duchess Kate still influences the bridal gown fashion. Designers still offer the lacy wedding gowns that look both classy and chic. They utilize the different kind of lace on the sleeves, for the entire length of the dress or either for the top or the bottom part or for covering the bustier and shoulders in the dresses with sleeveless silhouettes.
Nowadays the wedding dress designers are presenting the look entitled “nouveau lace”, which lays in the distinct patterns of lace starting from the delicate one to the larger graphical blooms created from the lace that is intended for covering the bride’s shoulders in the back or the entire dress festooning.
The conservative brides that don’t want to uncover their shoulders and arms will love the idea with the lace-covering, which is the key trend of the spring 2013 season. It looks feminine, sensual and at the same times a bit old-fashioned.
Colored wedding dress
The coming season you should step away from the traditional white and ivory hues for the wedding dress and dare to try something bold and chic. Vera Wang suggests wearing the red wedding dress on your big day, which will make you a real spotlight of the event. Blue wedding dress remains the ideal option for the spring wedding: you may choose from the range of shades starting from sapphire to the Caribbean blue, while the green and pink are also the top choice among the contemporary brides. One more reason to opt for the colored wedding gowns- they work better with the distinct skin tones rather than white, especially if you have the pale skin.
Portrait back
Keep in mind that the bride is observed from distinct sides and angles, especially during the wedding ceremony while walking down the aisle. So, the back of the dress is nearly as important as the front. The hottest wedding dress trend is having the back totally covered in lace as this season is distinguished with the soft and subtle silhouettes instead of the sexier previous season’s styles. If you still want to flash some bare skin, consider having the keyhole effect that will expose a bit of your back.
Peplums came to the women’s fashion the couple seasons ago and still remain on its top positions. Peplum is a skirt over the pencil skirt that starts at the waist area and lasts till the hips. It allows accentuating the waist and thus creating the sculptured effect.


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