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Wedding Cake Alternatives: Ice-Cream

Wedding ice-cream
Wedding ice-cream
When it comes to a wedding dessert, people normally go for a cake which is available today in different designs. It has become some sort of an unspoken tradition that marrying couple choose the style and flavor of the sweet piece and then cut it together during the reception. However, a cake is not the only sweet option that one can treat their guests with. There are so many more existing now that I would even call it a crime to ignore them. For instance, why not to introduce ice-cream as an alternative to a regular multi-layered pastry piece with heavy embellishment and lots of cream? Such a dessert would be so much more healthful as well as appealing – taking into account quite high temperatures at this point of time. If you feel like going for something new and ordering several tons of the best summer dessert ever, scroll down and enjoy some beautiful and super delicious ideas.

Introducing Ice-Cream As A Summer Wedding Dessert

There are plenty of ways you can serve ice-cream to your guests. If you are a fan of conservative celebration procedures and would still like to cut your special dessert as a couple, then here is an awesome idea to do so. You can easily order a small-size ice-cream cake – just to go through the procedure – and then complement it with some chocolate cones. Just imagine how cool it would be to simply let your guests grab a delicious dessert instead of cutting the large cake into tiny and uneven pieces.

Also, if you do not want to worry about the dessert part at all, then the best way to proceed with it is to set an ice-cream bar somewhere in a reachable place and fill the table up with all kinds of ice-cream, different toppings as well as spoons, cups and napkins. Keep it mind that either the containers holding ice-cream should be somehow on a freeze mode or the spot itself is to have a cooler temperature; otherwise there is a risk that your yummy treat will melt and become no longer desirable. One more thing to note – when choosing the location for your desserts bar, make sure it will allow for quite a lot of people, since this is something that is going to attract lots of people and hence will create long ques and even jams.

This cool option will also provide you with an opportunity to shoot engaging photo sets that otherwise would feature traditional and somewhat boring cakes. You can pose against an old-fashioned ice-cream wagon or simply hold your special signature ice-cream cones in front of the camera. I can guarantee that this sort of photos will evoke very delightful memories afterwards, when all is settled down and the routine part of the marriage steps in. So it does make sense to change a cliche type of wedding dessert for this awesome chance to bring more joy and smiles to the event!


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