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6 Ways to Arrange a Sporty Wedding

Jogging couple
Jogging couple

Sport has always taken an important place in our lives. People either dedicate their lives to a certain kind of sport or just spend some time jogging and working out. Some individuals fall in love with famous sportsmen, while others become huge fans of soccer or hockey. In other words, every person sees sport in a different way. There are even those human beings who are so much in love with the active way of life that they organize their wedding parties in this style. Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony that would offer a dozen of tennis rockets or a bunch of soccer balls instead of live music and dance bands? I have definitely not, but it does not mean that I would not like to. In case you are intrigued by the very idea of having a sporty ceremony, take a look at some images below to get a full insight.

6 Fun Ways To Make Your Wedding A Marathon

If you and your beloved one love jogging more than anything else, there is a way to carry it on with you forever. To start, invite all your guests to a running marathon, with red ribbons, whistle and trophies. I am very much sure that everyone will find this idea extremely interesting and unique. It might cause a bit more intense search for proper outfits, as people are not likely to complete long distances in evening gowns and classic suits, but I have no doubt that your friends will be ready to pay this price.

Baseball is quite popular around the world and it would be very fun to include it on you wedding agenda as well. While men will definitely enjoy a game or two with real bats and other equipment, you can arrange something more alternative for ladies. For instance, you can easily use flower bouquets and a light ball to make the show more spectacular. I am very positive that everyone around will love the view of not only beautiful women running around a filed, but also of the flying petals that would fall of from time to time.

Basketball is another game that a lot of people like to play. With this one, there are plenty of options for you to choose. It does not necessarily have to be a classic game; one can come up with a bunch of other activities to do with a ball and a basket. You can split your guests in two teams, for example, and compete in shooting into the basket. To make the game more fun, you can provide the players with some cool prizes.

Those of you who are fond of cycling, there is a way to make you wedding more engaging. You can request your guests to bring their bikes to the ceremony or else provide each with one. It would very fun to take a ride around the city with such an escort. Besides, you won’t have to worry about any special kind of transportation – this is a perfect way to both save time and money. Just make sure that you choose a decent road track, in order to avoid any undesirable incidents.

If you like to fiddle around with a rocket and shuttlecock, then you ought to include this game to your wedding list of to-do things . I have no doubt that your guests will be happy to try out this unique way of wedding leisure. You may also want to invite a coach, in case some of your friends do not know how to play this fun game.

And of course, what kind of a sporty wedding will it be if we exclude the most popular game in the universe? Soccer is what almost any human being likes either to play or watch. Especially now, when we are in the very middle of the World Cup. You have plenty of options to throw such a wedding ceremony: a huge soccer field or a smaller one will do equally good.

These are some cool ways to arrange a sporty wedding. I am very positive that there is at least one that you liked. In case you are still hesitating about such a style for your big day, you can always take your time and go back to the lovely images below later.

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