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Unusual Engagement Ring Shapes

Great thing about modern weddings is that they don’t have to follow tradition to the t. You may or may not invite guests, you may not celebrate at all, or you could buy an unusual engagement ring that is not made of diamonds and gold.

The tatest and one of the most important trends in engagement rings is the unconventional design. Unusual shapes, unconventional stones, and non-traditional size. It can be thin and delicate or big and chunky. It all depends on your bride’s taste and your budget.

Triangular ring

Triangular rings aren’t very popular as engagement rings but this 18k solid gold diamond ring from Etsy shop MinimalVS is a perfect unconvetional special occasion ring.

Fan-shaped ring

If you’re looking a good alternative to a traditional round-shaped ring here is an interesting option. A fan-shaped ring with a golden encrusted crown. This one’s from Etsy’s Artemer shop.Hexagon-shaped ring

Another great option is a ring with a hexagonal setting. It allows for a round stone but adds dimension and a different shape to the ring.

Heidi Gibson Designs Ring

In this sense vintage rings take the prize of being more diverse in shape and stones. You can find a lot of vintage-inspired rings like this one from Heidi Gibson Designs, of all the different shapes on Etsy and from non-traditional jewelry brands.

Stacked rings

Anna Sheffield designs modern engagement rings in more diverse shapes. This one features a double band and a marquise stone and can fit a thicker wedding band yet to create an ultimate ring.

Snowflake ring

Lately snowflake-shaped rings have become a popular shape along with those of a flower and star.

Flower-shaped ring

A vintage-inspired ring with a flower-shaped setting in two different metals is another big trend in engagement jewelry of late.

Set Free Diamond Ring

When it comes to bands you can too choose from different shapes and textures. You can find braided or other textured bands out there as well as the ones encrusted with stones on the inside of the band too.

Roll-shaped ring

Also stone rings are overrated and can be replaced with something this unusual. So many options to choose from.


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