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Unique Destinations For Honeymoon

Looking to spend your honeymoon in a different way than your average vacation? There are some amazing destinations and places you can visit for or as part of your honeymoon. If you live in a warm climate and feel like cooling down, if a beach to you is a normal everyday thing we suggest a cool and chilly Scandinavia with its ice hotels, luxury chalets, and museums.

Unique Honeymoon Destinations


Ice hotels in Scandinavia boast a wide range of interesting activities and styles of accomodation (warm and cold). Skiing, fishing, mountain climbing, and watching Northern Lights from your housing unit is what you can find in ice hotels of Scandinavia and Canada. Look at Sweden, Norway, Finland, Romania, and Canada as your destinations if you hope to stay in one of these amazing hotels. By the way, you can actually get married in one of those.


Iceland is a uniquely beautiful country. Picturesque landscapes and scenery aren’t the only attractions though as you can go fishing and hunting,horse riding and hiking as well as shopping and visiting museums.

Godafoss waterfall, Iceland


If you’re looking for a closer to home but nevertheless unique experience go Alaska. You can take a cruise, visit the national park, or simply travel and enjoy the romantic scenery of mountains and forests.

These are, of course, for those who like chilly weather and snow-related activities. If you go in summer or spring you can enjoy the greenest pastures of Iceland, festivals of Norway, and mild weather of Alaska. Ice hotels are usually open during the winter season (see dates for each individual hotel) but some stay open even when the ice melts. You can also plan your honeymoon to see a bit of the city (cities) first or on your way home.


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