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Top Wedding Hairstyle Trends for 2013

Despite the fact that each bride should choose the certain wedding hairstyle depending on her face type and other features like the length of the hair, its thickness, overall height etc, there are still general tendencies in the bridal fashion that give the tone to the overall wedding look. We are here to present you the top 10 wedding hairstyle trends for 2013 in order to keep you updated about the latest tendencies in bridal fashion.

Wedding hairstyle trends 2013

Ballerina bun: ballerina bun already won the hearts of the A-list celebrities and fashionistas throughout the world and of course this bold hairstyle trend didn’t pass by the bridal fashion. It looks classy and chic but yet simple and relaxed. Besides, it is easy to do. You may also consider its variation- the chestnut bun.

Waterfall braids: braids were the big thing during the year 2013 and seems like they are not going to lose their positions in 2013. The waterfall braid has two significant pluses: it works equally well both for the bohemian bride and the classic one.
Fishtail braid: planning a destination wedding on the beach, consider opting for this original wedding hairstyle. It looks ultra trendy and chic. The key in creating the fishtail braid is loosening it. Another nice variation of the fishtail braid is a fishtail braid updo.
Chignon bun: the chignon bun went through the big comeback in the year 2012 and promises to be the top wedding hairstyle during 2013. It looks both chic and sophisticated.
Straight hairstyle: though we used to see the brides with the complicated hairstyles on their big day, it is still appropriate to wear the straight hair, especially if it flatters your face and suits your bridal look.
Vintage vixen: vintage was a big theme in the wedding fashion in 2012 and still remains one of the key trends in 2013.
French twist: playful and girly, the French twist will add the romance and innocence into your bridal look. You can either wear it a messy way or opt for the tighter option that looks sleeker and classy.

Knot ponytail: knot ponytail is a romantic variation of the everyday pony. It will work best for the rustic weddings.
All-down waves: soft all-down waves look stunning, especially when worn with the dresses of sheath, empire or mermaid silhouettes. But keep in mind that this hairstyle will best suit the brides with the thin face types and long necks.
Side hairstyle: want to add the soft and romantic touches to your wedding look, then opt for the side hairstyle. Just remember to style your hair to the side, which will be more revealed to the guests.wedding-bridal-hairstyle-side

Tips on wedding haristyles

In fact you don’t have to stick to the particular wedding hairstyle: chances are you will opt for the combination of these styles. I would recommend you to find the real professionals in the fields of hairstyling and makeup in order to look your best on the special day.

Before you decide on the certain hairstyle, it wouldn’t be an extra trying the distinct hairstyles and makeup with your stylist.

Consider opting for the hairstyle that suits both your wedding theme and your overall bridal look. Also take into consideration the weather conditions outside.

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