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Top Trends in Wedding Food

wedding-foodIf you want to go for something original and step away from the ordinary one meat dish along with two side dishes approach to the wedding dinner, then simply don’t. Nowadays there is a tendency to replace the traditional wedding food with originals dishes, up-to-date food stations and a variety of cuisines.

When deciding on the wedding food, take into consideration your eating preferences as well as your guests’. Thus if the major part of your guests are vegetarians, it would be better to avoid the meat-craving stations, which are also budget-friendly. Also consider the duration of the reception while making up the menu.

Hottest trends in the wedding food

Mini portions
People just love the idea of food in mini portions that could be eaten in one bite. So, the mini-size samples became one of the key trends in wedding catering starting from the shots of soup to the mini-burgers. Also consider serving the sit-down meal in small portions, this way you guests will be able to try more food.
Dress up the comfort food
Consider decorating the traditional comfort food for your wedding reception. Mashed potatoes will look chic when served at the martini potato bar.
Food stations
The food stations guarantee the laid back and informal atmosphere at the wedding reception. Your guests will love the idea of talking to different people without being attached to certain seats.
Fondue stations
Though fondue is not a novelty at wedding receptions, it still causes delight among the guests. Try to provide several fondues filled with distinct substances like cheese or chocolate along with the fruits, vegetables, bread etc to dip.
Cross-cultural cuisine
Pretty often the contemporary weddings become the blend of two cultures, so it wouldn’t be an extra incorporating the cross-cultural cuisines into your wedding menu. The mix of distinct cuisines will definitely impress your guests.
Sushi Bar
The sushi bar will gladden the health-conscious guests, but it is also quite costly. So, you would better avoid it if you have the limited wedding budget.
Eco-Friendly food
Using the eco-friendly products that are cage-free will significantly increase the catering cost. But there are still methods to be eco-friendly without spending much: simply pick the seasonal foods that are locally available. There are farms that use the green approach in food growing, but without obtaining the organic certificate. These farms can boast the lower prices comparing to the certified farms.
Molecular gastronomy
It would be both innovative and fun going for the scientifical approach to food. For instance, the ice cream tableside with liquid nitrogen won’t leave anyone indifferent as well as the faux caviars with distinct tastes, but both of them are quite costly. Foams are also the hottest trend among the contemporary couples.
Complement the cake
While it is hard to imagine the wedding reception without a traditional wedding cake, you may still complement it with different kinds of sweats. Milkshakes, cookies and candies are just the few items you may place at the sweet table.

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