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Top 5 Things To Do When Planning Wedding

Since wedding is a big event it has to be planned carefully. Once the the wedding date is set it’s time to plan the event through. There are many nuances to it but the key to organizing a good wedding is to plan and book in advance. It’s also important to get help, if not professional then that of friends and family.

Top 5 Things On Wedding Planning To Do List:

Set a budget

First thing to do is to set a budget as it is crucial in planning any event. Make sure to estimate the concrete sums of money for each part of the wedding. This will help you stay within a budget when bargaining for deals, discounts, or simply looking for venues, dress, and other things.

Guest List/Best Man/Maid of Honor

Write the guest list together with the groom. Ask the best man and maid of honor in advance to make sure they can perform their roles to their fullest at your wedding day. Also consider the arrangement with the bridesmaids and bridesman.

Choose Officiant

Choose an officiant. Meet in person and ask all the questions you have. Travel arrangements and fees may depend on whether you want the officiant at the rehearsal or reception after the ceremony.

Choose Venue

Look at several venues before booking. Choose venue according to your budget and don’t forget to ask about all the hidden fees and bargain for discounts. The latter may be granted if you are booking the weekday instead of the weekend day. Also consider a venue for having both ceremony and reception to cut the costs.

Choose Music

A band or an string quartet the music should be planned and organized in advance. Some bands offer to perform in a duet rather than a full band. If your wedding will be more modern then a DJ can be invited to play the music at the wedding.

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