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Tips on Decorating the Starlight Wedding

starlight-weddingThe starlight wedding theme is about imitating the night sky and can serve as a romantic choice for your wedding day. You may choose from the plenty of decorative options including the twinkling lights, sparkling confetti and starry night-inspired décor for creating a delightful atmosphere both for the couple and the guests.

As for the colors, gold, silver, dark blue and yellow, black and white are the main hues for the starlight-inspired wedding theme. You may create the fairytale illusion with the help of the metallic candles, glitter, shinning items in décor and stars.

How to decorate the starlight wedding

Embellish the tables with the starlight-inspired decorative elements. Cover the tables with the midnight blue or black cloths and don’t forget to use the candles and candleholders as table centerpieces.
Highlight the wall and window areas with midnight blue or black curtains that will serve as a background for the wedding stage. As you have to achieve the “night” effect in the room, try to wrap as much area as possible with dark curtains. This way the light and shiny decorative elements like stars and lights twinkle lights will stand out.
Attach star cutouts throughout the room. Made from metal, plastic or cardboard, the star cutouts allow creating the true starry night atmosphere. Suspend the stars of distinct sizes throughout the room and ceiling.
Adorn the main table with clear lights. Also consider decorating it with Christmas lights in order to add the twinkling effect and make it stand out from the rest of the tables.
Don’t forget to prepare the table with the cake. Ensure the cake designers create the celestial-themed wedding cake that will perfectly suit your starlight wedding theme. You may place it on the table covered either with blue or black tablecloth studded with confetti or glitter.
Decorate the furnishings including tables and chair with confetti and glitter. Scatter the gold and silver confetti and glitter on the tablecloths, chairs, stage or even on the floor. Once the light shimmers and the candles are lighted, your guests will benefit from the magical ambiance created by glitter and confetti.

Tips on starlight wedding decorating

You may add the personal touch to the ceremony by creating the paper lanterns and hand-painted candleholders.

Try to use approximately three or four hues to achieve the professional and classy look.starlight-wedding-theme

Don’t overdo with glitter and confetti otherwise you will get the prom-night effect.

Figure whether you venue allows using the glitter or confetti since you might be charged for extra cleaning in case the venue prohibits glitter and confetti usage.starlight-wedding-theme


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