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Tips on Choosing the Engagement Ring She Will Love

engagement-ringsEngagement, marriage and the birth of the child are the most significant moment in the person’s live. So, in case you are going to propose to your beloved one, we bring you some useful tips that will help you in choosing the ideal engagement ring she will love. Simply ask yourself the right questions.

Answering the questions below will definitely help you to emphasize some aspects that should be taken into consideration and help you pick the engagement ring that your partner will adore. Probably everyone better knows what they don’t want, rather than what they want. So, it could serve as a perfect starting point. Be open to distinct options and constantly get the overview of what is available on the market.

Tips on choosing the right engagement ring

Concentrate on her personality
Based on the wearer’s personality, the engagement ring could be either bold or modest. The way people dress say a lot about their personality so pay attention to the style in clothing of your partner when choosing the engagement ring. It is essential that the ring complements her personality and makes her feel comfortable while wearing it.
Design the ring yourself
Nowadays a lot of jewelers let their customers personify their engagement ring. You may choose the shape, the size and the cut of the diamond, setting etc. Besides, you may have the ring inscribing on the inside. The personal touch in the ring design can really make a unique piece.
Replace the diamond with another gemstone
It is not obligatory to encrust the diamond in the engagement ring. There are a lot of options to consider like the sapphires, rubies, emeralds, opals, topaz, tanzanite etc. Opt for the one that is the symbol of her month of birth. Gemstones are available in the range of shapes and sizes. But before choosing the particular gemstone, take into consideration the size of her hands. Gemstones of the larger size will look exceeding on the small hands. The skin tone is another factor to take into consideration when opting for the colored gemstone.
Learn about her preferences
Try to predict which ring she will adore using the consultations with her close friends or family members about her preferences. Keep up with the latest trends in the jewellery industry. Figure whether she likes the jewellery in the traditional style or prefers the edgy one with contemporary feel. Find out the noble metal of which color she wears on daily basis: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or mix. Figure whether she likes colored gemstones or prefer the neutral ones like diamonds.
This is probably the most decisive factor when buying the engagement ring and it is important to know your budget before getting into the jewelry store since it will immediately narrow down your choices. Keep in mind that the sum you spend on the engagement ring is secondary, your love and devotion to her- that’s what really matters. The engagement ring doesn’t have to cost the fortune to be the most beautiful.


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