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This Gorgeous Grass Makes For Luxurious Wedding Decor On Budget

Pampas grass is an ornamental grass that grows up to 5 feet tall and features feather-like plumes that can be white or pink. This easy-to-grow beauty can really save you a lot on floral arrangements and wedding decor all the while making your aisle, wedding arch, and table centerpieces look luxurious beyond words.

Use Pampas Grass For Luxurious Wedding Decor

Since it grows pretty easily in various conditions you can grow your pampas grass in time for your wedding. Use it to fill the vases or decorate chairs for the ceremony. You can also use it to decorate your wedding arch or table, venue entrance, or in any other creative way. Its feather plumes are lush and showy so you don’t even need many other blooms to make a gorgeous floral arrangement. It goes great with white and peach roses and more exotic flowers like King of Protea and dramatic blooms of dark berry colors.

Whether you use it sparingly or not pampas grass will definitely give your wedding decor a lush look your guests won’t easily forget. Just take a look at these beautiful ideas:

Pampas grass wedding decor

Pampas grass aisle decor


wedding arch

wedding arch

wedding arch

Pampas grass arrangement

Wedding table decor


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