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Things to Consider When Hiring the Wedding Marquee


Wedding marquees are the ideal option as the wedding ceremony and reception area since they can seat from 50 to 300 people and come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they could be located in whatever place you want.

Things to consider when choosing the wedding marquee

Usually the setting of the medium-sized wedding marquee (up to 120 guests) should be conducted a few days before your wedding day. While taking down procedure of the marquee construction usually takes place 2 or 3 days after the wedding. As a rule the marquee hiring time takes up to 7 days that provides with sufficient time for the marquee to be decorated. So, keep that in mind when making an agreement with companies.
Things to keep in mind
One of the key aspects in choosing the marquee for your wedding is its proper size. Usually the convenient size of the marquee is being figured out by the number of guests first and then by the future floor plan. Besides, you should take into consideration the shape, amount of tables, dance area and place for the band. For instance, the round tables of the standard size will need more space than the rectangular ones.
As the cost of the wedding marquee is calculated by the number of square meters, it is essential to think over the furniture you plan to have inside.
The marquee size could be subdivided into:
Small-sized- accommodates 60 people
Middle-sized- accommodates 100-120 people
Large-sized- 200-250 people
Weddings with the bigger number of guests (300 and more) require the distinct marquee with the distinct structure. Though it has the similar design, it needs more time for installation.

Marquee flooring
The major part of wedding marquees comes with wooden flooring. The flooring is important for the numerous reasons: it makes a marquee waterproof, it makes it possible to set the marquee on any surface and protects the shoes.
The perfect marquee flooring is German-made Integrated wooden flooring- it is the wooden floor panels on the steel sub frame. The main advantage of this flooring is the fact that it could be installed on uneven surface.
Marquee accessories
There are a lot of wedding accessories that may come with the wedding marquees. The most popular choices include the silk gathered and flat roof lining, chandeliers made from crystals, Christmas lights and white halogen spot lights. As a rule the lighting equipment is being set up on the same day with the marquee. It would be nice to have a power source on the site, however even if it is not available, you may hire the power generators along with the marquee.


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