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Things To Consider When Compiling Wedding Menu

Strawberry Desert WeddingIf you have already decided on the wedding date and picked the venue, it is the right moment to start making up the wedding menu. Sit down with your beloved one and discuss what food both of you want to see on your wedding tables. However, don’t hesitate to check out this useful guide before starting compiling the wedding menu.

Tips On Compiling Wedding Menu

Catering Alternatives

Almost every couple has its favorite restaurant where it is nice to spend some intimate time and gladden yourselves with delicious food. One of the options is asking this restaurant to cater at your wedding so that your guests could try your favorite dishes. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to the caterer provided by the venue and opt for the one of your choice. In case you don’t want to have a sit down dinner in formal style, consider opting for the catered buffet, which is fun and less costly.

Wedding Catering
Wedding Snacks

Restaurant at the Venue

In case your venue has a restaurant and you consider it as one of the alternatives, first of all find out what they serve. Choose a certain day when you and your fiancé can try the dishes and communicate with their chef regarding his or her previous experience and offerings for your big day. Don’t forget to ask about the package deals with beverages included since they are often cheaper comparing to the outside caterers.


If you want to have alcohol at your wedding, consider teaming your dishes with certain drinks instead of the traditional red and white wine alternatives. Ask your wedding caterer what drinks will best match the food you plan to serve in order to make a memorable gastronomic experience for your guests. In case you choose to have an open bar, one of the ways to spare is closing it while serving the dinner. Beer and soft drinks are also essential at reception celebration, so don’t forget to serve them as well.

Drinks at Wedding
Wedding Drinks


If you have a limited wedding budget, wedding menu is where you can significantly save. Keep in mind that the formal sit down meal equals high expenses, while buffet meals are a budget-friendly option. If you still prefer a sit down 3 course meal without exceeding your budget, opt for the less costly entrée dishes like chicken and vegetables.


Today there is a tendency of replacing a traditional wedding cake with smaller deserts placed on a special desert table. This alternative will not only make the children attending your wedding but also their parents happy. Don’t forget to provide your guests with special bags so that your guests could take home the remainders.

Wedding DesertDesert Wedding Table

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