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Pyjama Wedding Sounds Most Inviting

Pyjama parties sound like fun. Think about it, no strict dress code, relaxed intimate atmosphere, and lots of comfort seats. This is a dream, not your average wedding. If you have a handful of close guests why do the traditional stuff when you can have your own thing with closest people being themselves and having all the fun.

Pyjama slumber parties aren’t just for showers and bachelorette parties. You can invite your guests to a retreat or your own home and have them over as long as they want to stay. Eat, dance, play games, and cook food together.

You can wear a trendy slip dress for the ceremony and change into your own pjs later. Kendall Jenner

Sleepwear trend has produced so many clothes options that are too good to sleep in or hide in your closet. At the same time they allow a more relaxed attitude and an atmosphere of homeliness.

This is also a great idea for an eloping couple wedding celebration. You get to dress up nicely but at the same time stay at home or hotel and have all the food and champagne you want.

In terms of decor all you’ll need is a bunch of throw pillows and soft chairs. You can also buy or borrow a few floor cushions, poufs, and armchairs to provide guests with comfortable seats where they can feel at home.

Cook your own dinner if your wedding is small or have a potluck if you’re planning a slumber party.



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