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Process of Producing Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring
Wedding ring is a circle without the beginning and the end which symbolizes perpetuity. Wedding bands are an inalienable part of a wedding ceremony. While the emotional value lies in exchanging the wedding rings, knowing the process of their creation will help you better understand their real cost and thus make a weighted choice by comparing metals they are made from, design and finishing.

How Wedding Rings Are Produced

Producing blanks

The process of producing rings starts with creating blanks – the raw material, which is consequently exposed to polishing and embellishing. A blank is usually being cast either using the traditional methods or milled by machine to meet the specific requirements like size, depth, width, profile and others. It is essential that the ring fits your finger closely. So in case you plan to order a custom made wedding ring, you will have to provide a jeweler with the aforementioned specifications in order to get the ring that will certainly meet your expectations.

White Golde Wedding Ring


Keep in mind that all the rings that are made fromprecious metals like platinum, gold and silver should have a hallmark, which verifies the quality of the metal. In most countries of the world hallmarking of goods made of precious metals is legally prescribed.


In case you want to personify your wedding rings, consider making an engraving of a phrase or your names at this stage. It could be done either by laser or machine both on the inside and outside of the ring.

Wedding Rings with Black Diamonds


Afterwards it is time for setting the precious stones and making the design. There are plenty of finishing options for the wedding rings such as course matt, mirror, fine matt, stardust, sandblast and hammered. Usually contemporary couples opt for the mirror finish, which gives the mirror-like surface, which perfectly shines on the sun.


Once the ring is finished, it goes through a cleaning process. As you already guessed the main purpose of cleaning is getting rid of the dirt on the ring. Usually the ultrasonic machine is used for cleaning the ring: the high frequency sound waves remove the dirt which leads to discoloration.

And the final stage is quality control that helps make sure your ring is flawless and meets your requirements accurately.

White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

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