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Picnic Wedding How-To

What can be better than an outdoor family gathering? All your family and friends eating, drinking, socializing. Well, if this sounds like your type of gathering, then maybe you should do a picnic wedding. Not exactly rustic, not really boho. In a picnic wedding you can mix and match styles and create your own atmosphere. You can set up the low tables or you can dine on the ground. It’s liberating and more intimate. Less formal and more inviting.

Picnic Wedding Ideas

smore bar

It is easy to decorate a picnic wedding, the main problem is to find a proper location where you can seat the guests and still have some space for walking and talking, dancing and simply stretching legs. It should be clean and private and yet not hard to get to.

The best place would be your own backyard or even garden but you can also have your celebration at a park or beach but for that you’ll need city permissions. There are also companies that organize picnic professionally and can even help you tailor your menu to each guest individually.

You should also take into consideration amenities like bathroom and bad weather shelter (we like the idea of a tent). Of course, choosing the best season for an outdoor wedding is crucial to having good fun outside.

Think about what your guests will be doing. It’s not easy to set up a band in the park or playing games in a tight backyard so be mindful of your location’s capacities. A good thing about having an outdoor wedding is the scenery though. It might make your guests want to explore or simply enjoy and contemplate nature. You can set up a s’mores bar to allow your guests cook themselves a delicious dessert and chat by the fire or an artwork frame to be used as a photo booth.

Your guests might also appreciate soft pillows and blankets, rugs, and umbrellas. You do want to keep them comfortable or else they might want to leave early.

A picnic is also a great way to celebrate your love and wedding as a couple. If you’re not much into big gatherings take your beloved to a scenic location, pack yourself a couple of warm blankets and throw pillows and your favorite food. You don’t even need special permissions for this. At least in most locations. But it never hurts to make sure.

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