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Outside Wedding Reception: The Secret Garden

Garden wedding reception
Garden wedding reception
Books are capable of empowering our imagination and creating colorful pictures in our minds. Ever since the moment I read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, whenever I come across garden now,the only association I have is the beautiful and picturesque description by the author. I am pretty sure that everyone else who has read this fascinating novel, will share my dreamy thoughts as well. And of course, having a wedding reception in a garden lies on top of those sweet and hypnotizing dreams. In case you have the very same dreams or simply want to make use of warm weather, here are the key things you need to know about the garden wedding party.

How To Throw A Wedding Party In A Garden

First of all it is important that you decide upon the venue of your wedding ceremony. It can be either in your own garden – if you owe any – or else you can consider restaurants with such an area. In any case, before choosing the place, make sure that you finalize your guest list. Otherwise, it will be hard to make last minute changes in case you will have too many or too few people coming over.

The next important step to take is to decorate the garden accordingly. And here one has a wide range of options to choose from. It all depends on the style of your wedding and your budget. One can go for a very impressive and outstanding decoration, but it is all about money we are willing to invest, right? Hence, prior to consulting with a design and interior specialist, decide on your budget. This will give a clear idea of where you stand in terms of opportunities and therefore will help to plan things.

The design of your wedding venue also depends on the agenda of the event. How much time you are planning to spend in one location? Will you provide regular meal course or just snacks and beverages? What kind of show do you want to have? Until what time are you allowed to play music? These and many other details are extremely important, as according to them you will plan the seating of your guests and the time margins as well as any specific equipment that might be of a use for you.

Lastly, you need to take into consideration all tiny teeny things that can potentially affect your event. Starting from the weather conditions to mosquitos and muddy surface, all the factors have to be included into your planning agenda. Prepare umbrellas and parasols as well as sunglasses, towels and buckets with cold water ahead of time. I am more than sure that your guests will be grateful if you provide them with these items – this way you will ensure that nothing during the ceremony goes wrong. And you guests won’t have to get distracted by the burning sun rays or bothering raindrops and hence will fully focus on what is happening around you – which the way it should be anyway.

These were the most important tips to follow when you are planning to arrange your wedding reception in a garden. It might just seem that the process is more time-consuming and effortful, but at the end both you and the attendees of your event will be more than satisfied.

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